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April 6th, 2010, 07:37 AM
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Have you told your MIL what your son's reaction was? I would. Especially the part about how that would be stealing from the little kids. I say stand up to her and back your son. If she STILL chooses to believe the worst, then that's her decision but at least your son will know that YOU believed him!
I think it sounds like someone was juat a tad jealous and is now lashing out OR that someone's child said something and they're making up the story about him getting caught stealing. Either way, I think it's ridiculous for them to make such a big deal out of an Easter Egg hunt that didn't turn out the way they wanted. And WHY was ANYONE throwing raw eggs at ANYONE??? That is just stupid! Aside from the fact that it gets inside your shoes and all over your clothing (and I doubt everyone brought a change of clothes and shoes) raw eggs can carry let's cover our children with that and then call them to dinner! I'd have been furious if they'd have done that to my son, too. As far as the stink--I don't think that will be an issue. The egg will dry and flake off before it becomes stinky but it would still upset me that it was all over him.
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