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April 6th, 2010, 08:38 AM
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I don't know how many kids were there as Kris had said but I suppose things can get crazy & sometimes interpreted wrong by others. It's also possible that he did it too. Some kids just get jealous & do dumb things & lie a lot. I've caught my DS swear up & down that he's not involved & then later on find out that he was & by his reaction I refused to believe it at first. This is hard.

I would have a talk w/ her about his response. That's all I can think of. Kids are weird in that they lie a lot, like, constantly, they just do at that age, but at the same time saying "I was just helping myself"... isn't the norm, but I've heard my DS say that in the past & he was guilty, not those exact words but you get the idea.

I am frustrated for you, it sounds like your son is being singled out & I know what that's like, my DS is always singled out in certain situations that don't just usually involve him, it bothers me. And I can understand why at times, he's older but my 3 (almost 4 year old) is no angel either...and my 2 year old is right behind him.

I think it's ridiculous that you have to have this issue at all after all, it's Easter, it isn't about money, candy, etc., it's about Religion (for those that are Catholic/Christians/Lutherans etc.) it means more than Cotton Tails & Candy.

My DS was upset about having to not get a "basket" for Easter, but he helped me hide the eggs (I was sick so he was good about that), he helped T.T. ( my little guy ) open the eggs & he was good about that but I've noticed that Cooper's candy is almost gone! And I know that Cooper hasn't helped himself, it's out of reach, so I know my DS is eating it.

I would just let this go honestly, but that JMHO. It seems so petty to me at the end of the day. So many bigger fish to fry rather than saying "he got more candy/money than me"... who cares. I don't think your DS stole anything, he might have been faster at getting them, but again, if he's allowed to egg hunt, all bets are off I suppose. It would be nice if he allowed the little ones to get more (just a nice thing to do), but he's a kid, kids do that.

Okay, so I realize that I went back & forth on this & probably didn't help you that much. I just think it stinks that Easter has to be an issue really. It shouldn't be.

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