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April 6th, 2010, 05:41 PM
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I'll be having a c-section for sure, Liana was a c-section and I now have several back conditions/injuries that could make it dangerous to deliver naturally. So, I am really thinking about having my tubes tied, while they're already in there. But it scares me! Not that I'll want more children, just 1 more thing to recover from & hurt while caring for a newborn & a then 6 year old. Though, when IS a good time?! I've got to do some research, talk to all my doctors, & make sure it's the best option. I can't use an IUD because my uterus shape makes complications & dislodging likely. Hormonal birth controls mess me up badly. Sponges, caps, diaphragms fail too often. And I don't trust condoms since there s so much room for human (ok, MALE) error. Sooo...what other options do I have?!

What are you thinking & why? Any experiences to share?
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