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April 6th, 2010, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MamaOuchy View Post
I'll be having a c-section for sure, Liana was a c-section and I now have several back conditions/injuries that could make it dangerous to deliver naturally. So, I am really thinking about having my tubes tied, while they're already in there. But it scares me! Not that I'll want more children, just 1 more thing to recover from & hurt while caring for a newborn & a then 6 year old. Though, when IS a good time?! I've got to do some research, talk to all my doctors, & make sure it's the best option. I can't use an IUD because my uterus shape makes complications & dislodging likely. Hormonal birth controls mess me up badly. Sponges, caps, diaphragms fail too often. And I don't trust condoms since there s so much room for human (ok, MALE) error. Sooo...what other options do I have?!

What are you thinking & why? Any experiences to share?
I would like to get my tubes tied, but for some strange reason my insurance doesn't cover it - however it covers SO's v. Which doesn't help me much if we break up - but I really feel like getting my tubes tied is the best option. I do not want anymore!!!

But my mom had her tubes tied & chopped many years ago - she never had issues. She got it done while having my brother via c-section.

Originally Posted by Irish_Wristwatch View Post
we arent planning on using any, weve decided that we would like our kids close in age
Its hard work mama!!

Originally Posted by Shyla7895 View Post
I'm getting fixed. Fo Sho!

Tying my tubes really scares me too, but I think it will be worth it. I didn't want the one I am pregnant with now, but they wouldn't tie me after my last because I was too young...

A part of me doesn't want to, but that part can shove it! lol
SO how I feel!!!
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