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April 7th, 2010, 11:09 AM
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thanks for asking, she's doing pretty good. Handling the injections pretty well. I'm terrible at them. Ugh! the poor thing, i keep hitting capillaries and making her bleed. you really can't avoid them, it's just something that can happen. She did give herself 2 injections, but doesn't want to do it anymore. Says she'd rather deal with me making her bleed, than have to do them herself LOL! She does plan on doing them once we start using the insulin pens, right now we're still using syringes. She checks her own blood sugar and is good about writing down the number and how much insulin she takes per meal.

On Easter day we had our first low sugar. Ashleigh was watching TV, and told me she was feeling dizzy. took her blood sugar and it was 63 (endo's want hers to be between 80-150). I made her drink her juice box rechecked in 15 minutes and it was up to 111.
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