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April 9th, 2010, 12:56 PM
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Hi, my name is Dominique I have ADHD I was diagnose with cancer in 2006 and had chemo from 2007-to last month (March2010). I am a wreck right now. I am mad at my DH for no reason, my son keeps been suspend from school for all kind of reason, lots and lots of trouble to keep my house clean and keep the laundry wash so everything is just accumulating. I donít want to stay in my house cause of that so I go out and of course I have to spend money that I donít have. I am on medication and I think is the 4 kind that I tried and now I am very close of cracking and just leaving and never come back. I went to see the doctor and he keep saying that I have to let the chance of the medication to take effect and sometime it can take up to6-12 month to see a difference. I donít have time to go see a social worker to talk about my problem since I have 3 very active boys and work, school, sports, cleaning, ect.... I can call my family to help me cleaning my house because it is a mess and I donít want them to see that. What can I do or where can I turn

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