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April 9th, 2010, 11:09 PM
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I was trying to teach my dd how to add in the high numbers like 9+4 since she already know the low numbers because each number is in each hand etc..(4+3). I hope you understood that.
Well, while I was trying to teach her the high numbers I realize she don't know which number is bigger or smaller. Now we are back to square one. If I can't tell her to put the smaller number on her hand and the big nimber in her head and start counting from the big number to the amount of fingers she have up, we have a problem. She don't know which number is big or small.
I have worked with her by using a number line. Tell her that the number that comes up first by counting from 0 is the smallest. She understands that, but do not understand how to get the biggest number. If I take away the number line its all doom and gloom.

How can she go on to the next step in addition if she don't know the basics?
What ways can you tell me to help her understand the difference?

My dd is going on 8 in June. She has some problems with learning. She suppose to be in the 2nd grade but I'm just trying to get through the kindergarden work.

Right now she is in a pubic school which is doing nothing for her but passing her on to the next grade. I notice that she learns alot faster with one on one help. So I am going to pull her out of school and hs her because if it was up to the school system she will be in the 5th grade still on the kinder level.

Any advice?????

Please help!!!!

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