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April 10th, 2010, 12:26 PM
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Posted by numerous members and ex-members of this board.

1. When possible to plan ahead, do so. I use a system of list so that we dont forget to pack anything.

ie. I list what we need and cross of as it is packed.
If the list is to buy for the trip I would checked it off when bought and then cross it off when packed.

2. A $5 luggage scale is worth its weight in gold.

3. Ask the airline when boarding if they have extra seating and can you get more space. 1st come 1st serve... they will often move people around when space is avilable.

4. When traveling internationally with children make sure to bring all kinds of medicine, it can be a life saver and a thermometer. Kids can take it hard and the medicines in new countries can make it worse.

5. Pack a new surprise gift for kids to open on the plane... it can amuse children for a long flight and also a new DVD if you have a DVD player. Kids especially young ones will watch the same video over and over again.

6. We always get antibiotics, Imodium, Gravol, Advil, after-burn gel, sunscreen, and cough syrup whenever we travel--it saves us hours in a doctor's office and dealing with insurance if someone gets sick. Our family doctor is really good and we only take the antibiotics if we really need them-------never used them yet! We also make sure to take vitamins with us to avoid colds, esp with DS. After we got really sick once at an all-inclusive, we now also take A LOT of that hand alcohol gel and make sure to use it before we put anything into any of our mouths.

7. For every child you have, allow 15 minutes of give when you've got to be somewhere on time. If you're to be at the airport/docks/whatever at noon and it takes you an hour to get there, and you have 3 kids, TELL your family that you're leaving at 10.15am and you'll probably get out the door by 11.

8. I've just discovered the joys of travelling with toddlers in their carseats on airplanes. Since we're paying for his seat anyhow, we bring his carseat-he was more than happy to sit in it for our 12 hr flight to Florida last month-he's restrained, so he can't throw himself down or jump all over; and we brought lots of toys and movies for him-also great to fall asleep in. He's used to being in it when we do our long camping trips, so it worked out very well! Big PITA to pack around airports, but a lifesaver on long flights! And of course I don't have to rent a carseat at our destination. I did go out and purposely buy a cheap $70 seat esp for flights, since I don't want my $300 Britax Marathon getting banged up through airports.

9. Bulkhead seats have extra leg room and are often close to bathrooms, handy for pregnant travelers.

10. If you're driving or renting a car at your destination always print out directions to every place you want to go. Is a bit of a pain before leaving but invaluable once you're there.

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