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June 2nd, 2006, 09:49 AM
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Well I have two step-daughters, and we dont see them very much because they live in Spain, DH is flying out in 1.5 weeks to go and speed 3 weeks with them. Then they are coming over for 2 weeks at the end of August. Whenever the girls come over they are pretty good, Maria is almost 2, and Gala is 6. We dont have any problems at all with Maria, except she obviously wants her mum alot of the time, but after a few days she settles. Gala we somethings have minor problems with, none of the girls speak english which is really hard for me, Gala will have huge strops and I cant understand why, Owen who is Spanish will translate for me what she wants (as I only know a little Spanish) They are mainly because she doesnt like me telling her things or telling her off because she feels only her real mum should be able to do that.
So Gina, I think that he could be acting out because of why Gala does. But its different because you have been his mom for years, so I'm not sure...maybe hes having mixed feelings that who he should look up too, or maybe his mom has said something. Try and talk to him and ask him whats up, and when he does do what you ask thank him and so on.
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