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April 11th, 2010, 02:55 PM
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That is tough. Sounds like you are feeling very overwhelmed right now. I would try to take baby steps. Don't look at all the laundry, just do one load each day, start to finish, washed, dried and put away. Then remind yourself hey I did that, I will get through this. "I beat cancer for goodness sake I can do anything!" Sometimes we have to tell the negative nancy in our brain to take a hike. Maybe when you are feeling like leaving the house you could just go for a walk around the neighborhood. It would keep you from spending money and you would get the benefit of being outside and some exercise to boot. As for the meds yes they can take a bit to start working usually a couple weeks though not 6-12 months. That seems a bit extreme to me. Although I am by no means a dr . I would say start slow with some of the house stuff and see if you can feel better by putting yourself back in control. Then you might not need the meds. I would maybe sit down with my child and have a heart to heart and see if I could get to the bottom of his rebellion. Perhaps something is bothering him and he doesn't know how to deal with it. I know when my mom was sick and having brain surgeries, my grades nose dived and I started skipping class, hanging out with the "wrong" crowd. My sister and I just needed some attention. We went from being the center to being ignored. Perhaps he just needs more family time to help him come back around. Game nights, or movie nights, or pizza nights, something like that. Dinners as a family during the week where you talk about your day. It might be rough at first but over time should get better. I hope that you can find some things that will help you feel better and more in control.

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