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April 11th, 2010, 03:01 PM
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So I have been having some freak out moments about going into labor. DH asked me today if we had a plan and I was thinking, um NO. I am worried about what to do with DD. I know that typically you have some time before you go into active labor. BUT.... if this baby's labor is the same as with my DD than I won't have time to get her where she needs to be. With DD, I started getting sick on a Wednesday. I went to work and felt awful. I ended up throwing up in my car on the way home. I called my OB and he said if I was still sick on Sunday to go to the hospital because he would be there that day. Well, I felt awful the rest of the week. DH and I went to a movie on Saturday night (Juno) and my back really ached and I still felt awful. So we headed up to the hospital on Sunday and got there around noon. Well, within a half hour of getting there my water broke and contractions started. Within minutes they were REALLY painful contractions. I also had back labor so there was no break between contractions. I asked for an epidural right away because there was NO break between contractions. When I didn't feel them in my stomach, I felt intense pain in my back. I was fully dialated by 7:30ish and started pushing soon after that. DD was born around 9:30pm. So even though there was 9 hours between my water breaking and DD being born, if my labor is the same (especially pain level) I just don't know how I will get Abrielle to where she needs to be to be taken care of!

So, anyone out their have a plan for their other children for when they go into labor?? and if so, what is it?

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