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April 11th, 2010, 05:59 PM
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I guess the good thing is that my parents live like a minute away from us so my mom could be at our house in a matter of minutes. I guess I worry more about me being at work and DD being at the baby sitter. No one else has a car seat so how would they go pick her up? My main fear is what will happen if labor comes on quickly like it did with DD.

Also, my parents are not actually the ones who are supposed to take care of DD. My MIL is supposed to take her while we are at the hospital (and I prefer it that way). My dad is an alcoholic and he can get mean when he drinks. Not that he would ever yell at Abrielle.... but he yells at my mom constantly and I don't want Abrielle being around him when he is like that for a minute! But... my MIL is ALWAYS traveling. She was supposed to take DD overnight as a trial run over our spring break. She told us she would, but then ended up taking a trip to China! She is hardly ever home and can be hard to reach. AHHHHHHH.... I think I might need to have some back up people just in case.

Emma... I hope your parents decide to stick around town after you are full term! I am hoping that my MIL does too!

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I have no idea yet, but I am lucky in that I have family close by and older kids who could watch him if they have to. If it really comes down to it and this baby is coming fast, we will just bring him with us and have family meet us there.
I think we will probably have to take DD and have someone meet us if labor comes on fast again. I hate the idea of Abrielle seeing me in pain though

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