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April 13th, 2010, 09:09 PM
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I am in the same situation! I even just posted a topic about it just a while ago lol. I was induced with my first son for over 12 hrs and it did nothing. I think the reason why is because my son just wasn't ready to come out. This go around I am sorta undecided about Vback or c-section though I am more heavily on doing a Vback. My doctor to thinks I would make a great low risk Vback but he too said if I go past my due date, I think 1 week over that he would be more opt to do a c-section. He did say I could stay at home for a while when my labor starts so I am not sitting around the hospital for a long time. Again, I think with me personally, when my old doc said I was one week over due, I do not think I really was as my son was only 7lbs 5 ounces when born (not the normal weight of an over due baby). So I am praying that with this pregnancy my daughter will be ready just before or around her due date! I don't think you would have trouble going into natural labor with your second if you have to be induced with the first. Just my thoughts. When are you due? I'm due June 26th!
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