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April 14th, 2010, 10:28 AM
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Hey! Oh I know, things have been soooo busy around here too. Hows Carly's birthday party planning going?
I told myself not to stress out this time but I have already started. Jeremy really wants an Alvin and Chipmunks party theme and I cant find anything chipmunk anywhere. I definitely have to be really creative if theres nothing out there. boo! lol.

I just took that gluclose test last week and havent heard back if I passed yet. I'm really hoping I do b/c that drink is soooo gross. I was gagging the whole time. *crossing fingers*

Thats so funny about your license plate...I really need to do mine too! But just thinking about taking my 3yearold with me to do this makes me NOT want too. lol.

I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Can you believe in about 2months we're going to have lil ones again? I'm taking my son to a "big brother, siblings class" tonight and I'm just so in shock its all happening so soon.
I really need to get stuff done, I still havent registered to the hospital yet or went for a tour. Ahhhhh. lol.

I hope your weeks going good! hows the weather where you live? We're finally having nice weather this week!
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