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April 17th, 2010, 07:34 PM
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With Ava I started giving her a sippy cup around 7-8 months, just to try out. Usually I put breastmilk in it for her. Both of them only have bottles when I'm gone or at daycare. So we started giving a cup more and more until she was used to it.

I will probably go a year bfing Elijah if we can and just start replacing a nursing with a cup. This went super smooth with Ava.

As for the pacifier, he doesn't seem as attached it it as Ava did. We started about 9 months only giving it to her in bed and then one night (at about 18 months) I just didn't give it to her and she was fine with it. Elijah already only uses it in his bed or when I'm rocking him so hopefully his will be easy too. I don't have a problem using it as a bedtime thing for a longer amount of time. My theory with Ava was that she wouldn't go to college with it and she'd eventually give it up, but I did make sure it stayed in her crib.
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