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April 18th, 2010, 09:00 AM
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Today is CD11 of my first cycle after the second m/c... I need to get pregnant this cycle..I know there's a huge chance I won't because after my first m/c it took me 3 months to get PG again...

I am going crazzzy without a baby. This is like a huge baby fever.. i wanted kids since i was 18 or so...but I got this terrible baby fever 2 years ago and it's getting worse with every day! I love going to the zoos and parks but i do not feel like going there anymore without a baby. I think my toy dog is tired of my love and all that hugging i give him. My chickens are tired of me too! They love eating of my hand but they do not enjoy me holding them that much. I love the way my puppy tries to play with my chickens. lol.

My MIL is getting an outside kitten. Her friend's cat gave birth to 5 kittens and she agreed to take one of them. But she doesn't want to buy a litter box or cat food. I am not a cat person but i do care about animal's treatment...MIL wants that kitten to live outside but she doesn't think it's necessary to put a fence around her yard! I said that it's dangerous and irresponsible. She told me if that cat gets hit by a car, it's just life, you cannot save everyone! I guess she was hinting on my vegetarian beliefs.. Excuse me? I do not think that irresponsible people should have any pets at all!

What does this "animal talk" has to do with a TTC journal? Well, my pets have helped me a lot to get through my losses. I think I'd be totally depressed right now if it wasn't for my toy poodle and three pet chickens. I need to take care of somebody and I enjoy taking care of them. I think my losses made me "greener". My cycles are long and i gotta do something i love while waiting to TTC. I am still studying for my final license exam..that is kinda interesting but not when my mind keeps coming back to my obsession with babies...

My BBT were looking nice until today. This morning I had a huge temp jump...way too early for O and it may mess up my O day recognition... well, i am not gonna worry about that since i plan on using those 5 OPKs that I got... I've never used OPKs before so this is something new to try. I love POAS!
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