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April 19th, 2010, 11:17 PM
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Combine as much as you can not only subjects but grades and child care. If your kids like being read to try literature based curriculum or singing try some geography, math, or Science CD's. Depending on what they already know you may be able to use math-tacular or leapfrog video's. If the 1 yr. old and 3 yr old take a nap then do some things then.

This year should have taken Miguel less then 20 minutes a day, on good days it takes less, on bad days we just give up at 3 pm if we haven't just let him read for the day.

Next year will be longer:
Monday-Friday except every other Tuesday
5 min. Grammar
15 min. math
10 min. Spelling
30 min. reading comprehension (M,W) / Science (T,R) / Writing (F)
60 min. S.S. (bed-time)
So 55 min. hours "book" work, 1 hour father/son reading time.

9-11 wood shop (1x month)
11-12 sport
1-3 Art/ music or robotics club

Other activities:
project day (1x month) Home school group
scouts (we don't know yet) Badges count toward school subjects
cooking class (4x month) only 10 weeks
bowling (4-6x month) family time
roller skating (1x month) home school group
karate (we don't know yet)
Swimming (2x a week)
After school program (up to 5x a week) to help us get shopping, and other things done easier and so he can make friends.
Co-op (every other Tuesday)
Library day

Remember you have 180 days out of the year and 900 hours. If they're playing then count it, sports count it, cooking count it, coloring count it and so on.

I would try to get 1 or 1/2 page of each subject done a day at first then slowly move up by month until you get to how many pages you want. If you don't get to something. Have the kids race the clock.
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