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April 23rd, 2010, 07:04 PM
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I would suspect that he is supposed to be considered 1st grade.

Here we have the option of delaying entry by a year, and then the following year the child can be placed in either K or 1st by the parents choice, but you have to send a letter to the school board saying that you are choosing not to send your child for that year because you don't feel they are ready in some area (academically, emotionally, or socially). Rebecca doesn't make the cutoff for the year she turns five, but the other little girls on this street do, so we'll probably start K with her that year anyway, but we'll report her as being the right grade for her age. For this next one coming in June, we'll have to see how they fair-- if we feel we need that extra bit of time, we'll write the delaying letter thing, and if we don't then we'll report as K in the correct year.
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