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April 23rd, 2010, 07:42 PM
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Here's the image we are using this time. Please download it, save it and open it in photoshop. We'll start this one soon.

Step 1.
Zomm in (I went to 200% you may need to zoom in more depending on your monitor/resolution).
Make sure you can see the eyes.
Choose your Polyganol Lasso Tool and set it to "Add to selection" as shown here:

Step 2.
Now you want to make a selection around the eyes (by choosing the add to selection option for you lasso tool you can select the first eye and move on to select the second eye and it will select both)
Then right click your mouse over the selection and choose "Layer via Copy"

Rename your new layer "Eyes" and duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J) 3 times.

You should have the following layers (from top to bottom)
Eyes copy4
Eyes copy3
Eyes copy2
Eyes copy

Select your layer named Eyes copy4
Set it as follows:

Select layer named Eyes copy3
Set it as follows:

Select layer named Eyes copy2
Set it as follows:

Select layer named Eyes copy
Set it as follows:

We do nothing to the "eyes" layer. I keep this as a safe layer in case I screw up and need to start over lol

Now if you zoom in again (200% or more) you'll see that there are some unflattering lines around the eyes as shown here:

This is caused by an imperfect crop. Yours may look different than mine. I just did a quick selection to show you how to fix it.

Select your eraser tool using a soft edge brush and the following settings:

Select the layer named Eyes copy 2 and with your eraser tool gently remove the glowy edge. I do this by erasing the glowy edge.
It should look like this when you are done:

Do this for both eyes

And you're done. Now these settings are a matter of taste. You may want the eyes brighter or darker. It's up to you to play with the opacity and layer order until you find the look that suits you.

Please save this image to your desktop. Close up everything in photoshop and we are going to start new with the photo you just edited.

Duplicate your layer Ctrl + J (you should only have 1 and it should be named Background)
Rename the duplicated layer to B&W

Now we are going to be making the B&W layer into a black and white layer. We do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B or you can go to Image > Adjustments > Black and White Or for those who don't have access to do this you can desaturate in what ever way possible in your program) Just skip the black and white settings step)
A screen will appear. Set it as follows:

Now we are going to duplicate our B&W layer. 3 times (Ctrl + J)
It should auto name them B&W copy (1 and 2)
Select the B&W copy layer and set it as follows:

Do this with the following layers and set the settins accodringly:

Again this is a matter of taste. You can make the contrast darker or lighter depending on your personal taste

Here's the final image:

Hope you liked our first technique session (Part 2)!

Thanks Nicole (MommaDucks) for my new & awesome siggy.

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