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April 25th, 2010, 06:19 AM
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Ditto... my son has to be busy all the time or else he goes crazy bugging me for more work. I'm sure that'll change when he hits puberty, but for now, he craves school more than food.

Aug thru May, we have 36 weeks of school with 4 weeks off for holidays and breaks. Those dates aren't set in stone, though. If we have nothing planned when the break rolls around, we'll work through it knowing something will come up later that makes us want to take time off.

Summer is a much lighter load to leave room for summer camps, etc. It's used for catching up anything that fell behind during the regular year, doing oddball subjects, etc. Here's what our calendar looks like:

Summer is 3 weeks of reading, math, and social studies, 2 weeks of camp, a week off, 2 more weeks of camp, and 4 weeks of Latin (which also overlaps VBS and the upcoming year just a little bit).

The next year is Aug 16 thru May 16 with 4 weeks of break. Daily work is English, Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Math. Tu/Th is Science, Music or Art, and Geography. M/W/F is Latin and History.

Our school day is shorter than most because we extend reading, math, and one other subject into the summer. Another perk of year-round schooling is that children don't get summer brain rot, and they don't go into their first job with the expectation of a 2-3 month vacation.
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