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April 26th, 2010, 09:00 AM
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why isn't just having the spare bedroom good enough? I came home from church and my DH had removed everthing but the bed & toys from the front room. We have been calling it my stepsons room even though it had my desk and lots of boxes from when my mother passed away and food storage in the closet. My hasband and I have been fighting about him having his own room for months. He is only there 1 day a week and 2 nights. He was sharing a room with my son for 4 years then since they kept fighting at bed time. we began letting dss sleep in the spare room. I told my dh that i would get rid of the boxes but the desk and the food needed to stay. he doens't have many clothes so why does he need the closet or to buy a dresser. He has 1 drawer in my sons dresser and they are the same age/size so they share the clothes. My husband wants to paint the room and decorate it. and i don't want to spend the money for a room that will sit unused 5 1/2 days a week!! now my desk is smack right in the middle of the living room and you have to squish by it to open the back door if the table is opened all the way and you can't open the french doors and my little kids keep getting into it and messing with stuff and i hate it i want it back in the room!! and he says no. He needs his own room and that's it. is this fair? why am i so upset? am i selfish like he says? this is just iceing on the cake...we have lots of other blended family drama besides this. it just makes my nerves crawl whenever he comes over now because he won't listen to me cause his mom says he doens't have to he won't eat what we eat for dinner cause he doesn't eat veggies or cheese unless it's on pizza or a million other things. it's to the point now where i won't even cook when he is there my husband does it all but he gives in and the other kids see it and they start acting up and asking why does he get what he wants when he whines but we don't?? husband says to mind my own bizz we can't treat him the same cause he goes home and tells his mom that we punish him and i don't want to fight with her...AHHH If i wasn't done before i am now that i came home to a room that won't be used but 1 day a week it's stupid!!
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