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April 26th, 2010, 09:11 PM
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Didn't get #1 because the colors are way too close to the colors in our house. It would blend in. I originally wanted a huge one of #2 over the fireplace, but the photographer talked me into #5 instead, because he said the letters would be too big using #2. (I don't agree, but eh... whatever.) I LOVED that one, because just as he took the picture, D started hitting B on the head. Perfect "brotherly love" picture!

1 2

#3 was too small. They didn't offer it large enough to go on the fireplace or in the picture nook of the foyer. The black & white pic doesn't go with the house at all.

3 4

These are the two we got. #5 says 2010. It's a 24x20 for the fireplace. #6 says Forever Brothers, and it's a 16x20 for the foyer. Both are about half the size I wanted, but that's all they offered besides a plain old poster picture (which wasn't much bigger).

5 6

#7 was the free 8x10 they gave me with the order (chose to get D instead of B because we were there for D's 18 mo pix).

7 8

9 10

Got #12 for dh's office.

11 12

#13 - B "Am I doing this right?" and D giggling at the photographer. #14 - He was trying to get B to put his cheek on D's head, but they kept turning out like this (or much worse), so I told B to try listening to D's brain. It worked. We got #16-17 after that. LOL!!

13 14

I really wanted 15 and 19, but I spent WAY too much money getting the large pix for the new house. We used 16 and 17 in the larger shots.

15 16

17 18

19 20
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