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April 26th, 2010, 10:05 PM
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I have 3 tattoos as of now.
The first one is a butterfly on my chest. I got it when I was 15 (YES 15! What was my mom thinking letting me do that?) by a neighbor in training to be a tattoo artist. He did a horrible job. I had it touched up by an artist who did the best he could... Unfortunately, it still looks like crap. I'd like to get it covered up eventually. We'll see when we have the money though. It's so weird, I got compliments on it ALL THE TIME. I just want to say "Are you blind? It looks terrible. You don't have to be nice about it!"

This one I got when I was 17, for my birthday from my mom. It's 3 stars and I saw a similar tattoo online and kind of drew a spin off of something I liked. It's on my lower hip. They did a PERFECT job on it, but unfortunately my weight gain during pregnancy really affected it. It's really distorted now. I don't have any plans on covering it up, but I may see if someone can tweak it a bit to make it look better. The artist who did it did all of my moms and dads and my next one. He also touched up the butterfly above that looks like crap.

The last one is on my lower back. I was 18 I think when I got this. Again, for my birthday from my mom. I adore it. The artist did an amazing job and it still looks great. It's 3 flowers with some funky swirls and it's sooooo me. I just love it!

I used to have my tongue pierced but I took it out when I started a new job before getting pregnant with my daughter. I'm getting it re-pierced this Wednesday evening! I have my ears pierced once and I used to have 2 holes but the second closed up because I stopped wearing earrings. I had the top of my ear pierced twice, but each one would never heal so I gave up. I have had my bellybutton pierced since I was like 14. No pictures- too many stretch marks, sorry.

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