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April 27th, 2010, 07:34 PM
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Kirra had her 7 month appointment yesterday! She is 17 lbs and 25.5'' long. I can't believe how big she's getting! 7 months ALREADY?? where does time go, seriously?

Everything looks great except the doctor said her head circumference seems a bit big at 17.2'' i guess that's a lot of growth compared to her last appointment 2 months ago? she's going back for another measure in a month, then again for her regularly scheduled 9 month check-up, just to make sure things are ok. it was kinda funny, he also measured mine & my husband's heads and it turns out i have a big head too (95 percentile!! ***!) so she probably just got the big head genes. I'm kind of worried nonetheless & i'm sure you all know how i feel..

Besides that, everything's great. Kirra chows down on mum-mums like they're going out of style. She's starting to hold her bottle up on her own, too! Until she gets tired and then we just stuff a blanket under there to hold it up lol. She also just started rolling onto her tummy to sleep at night. It makes me a nervous wreck but I guess she's comfy that way.

Thanks for reading!!
Kirra Kanoe
9.27.09 <3

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