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April 29th, 2010, 08:30 PM
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These sound heavenly!

In the March-April '10 issue of Mothering mag, there was an article all about cloth pads! I bought myself a diva cup a month or two before I became pregnant, and really liked it, but obviously, I won't be able to go back to using that right away! So I'm going to make myself some cloth pads...

Anyway....She listed a "recipe" (for lack of a better term) for Magical Postpartum Pads!
"Right after my son was born, I found comfort in triple-layered overnight pads of cotton flannel, doused in a home brew of which hazel and essential oil, encased in foil, and stashed in the freezer. Every time I put one on, it was like a slice of heaven on earth."
...It reminded me of what I used in the hospital (those instant cold packs, and Tucks/witch-hazel pads) which was wonderful!....only these sounds even better!

~Magical Postpartum Pads~
The natural ingredients in these soothing pads will help reduce swelling and ease discomfort after childbirth, you can use cloth or disposable pads, per your preference.

Here's what you'll need:

*Over night maxi pads of your choice
*Witch hazel (distilled extract, available at drug stores)
*Lavender essential oil (not perfume)
*Aloe vera (the edible liquid, not the topical ointment; look for it at natural food stores)
*Aluminum foil

On each pad, pour 1 Tbsp of witch hazel, a dime-sized dollop of aloe-vera liquid, and 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil. Wrap each pad in aluminum foil and store in freezer. Use as needed.

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