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May 1st, 2010, 08:10 AM
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Okay now that you explain it that way, I understand more & I would like to retract my statement about moving the desk out & having it be his own personal space. As Becca & Kris said, many kids have to share a room (mine do), and there is no reason why he cant either.

As far as one kid being treated like one way (the child that doesn't like w/ you full-time) verses the other child(ren) that do, I know what that's like. DH does that w/ my DSS, and frankly I call him on it. The part that has made things easier for me is when my DS is doing a chore and another chore is on the list of "to-do's" I will point out to my DH that his DS (my DSS) can help too. And then he usually switches his tone. The good thing for me is that he doesn't sleep here & I don't have that issue. I don't even call that additional bed in my son's room "DSS' bed" anymore, b/c it's not his bed, he doesn't come over, he doesn't sleep over, this isn't his 2nd house or his 3rd or even 4th. He sleeps over his grandparents the most, then his aunt and THEN his bio-mom, then it's the camp that his grandparents own in ME. Any ways, the child is never around, he doesn't even know where the utensils are, he doesn't live here, makes no effort & I am done trying to point that out to my DH. With you, the fact that the child is more at your place, it's hard but I would do serious talking w/ your DH in regards to one is treated a certain way & how it's going to make the rest of the family resent his son due to that "special treatment"... rules are rules, and they should apply to all in the house & not be treated like a guest when your step-son is around.

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