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May 1st, 2010, 07:40 PM
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Where were you born (state)? Ontario, Canada
Do you play an instrument? No... used to play clarinet in grade school
Have you ever sky dived or bungee jumped? Would you? No, and probably not!
What is your dream job? Community Developer
What do you daydream about? My wedding! Owning a house...
Do you drive fast or slow? Fast
What are you afraid of? SNAKES
Have you been out of the country? Where? Yes, last place was Chicago
Do you talk too much? Depends on who I'm with
How often do you cry? Not too often
What was your favorite subject in school? Art, Family studies
What are some things that annoy you? LOTS of things... disorganization... stupidity... selfishness, laziness, cockiness....
Have you ever fired a gun? No
Do you keep a journal? Yes
Have you ever run away from home when you were little? No, but I wanted to.
Are you a rule follower? Never
Whats a good family number? (how many people) 4 or 4
Do you like rollercoasters? No, I'm scared of heights.
What did you look for in a S/O? Kind, caring, considerate, affectionate
Does your current partner match the description?? Yes

Three things::

Three things you like most about yourself: My hair, my eyes, my sense of humour!
Three things you would change about yourself: My BELLY, my boobs... that's it!
Three things you LOVE about your S/O: He is attentive, he's hilarious, and very smart!
Three things you love to smell: Lilacs, Green apple, and clean sheets!

Either or ::

Truth or Dare? Dare
Mountain or beach? Beach
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
Shy or outgoing? Outgoing
Cats or dogs? Cats
Perfume or soap? Soap
One pillow or two: One
Book or movie? Book
Windows or AC? AC if it's super hot
Kisses or hugs? Hugs
Chocolate or peanut butter? Both? Chocolate.
Inside or outside? Outside
Piercings or tattoos? Both
Moon or sun? Moon
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