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May 2nd, 2010, 10:48 AM
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I don't know if this belongs here or not, or where it would belong. But I was just curious how people feel about using rewards/punishments. Some people love using reward charts to get their kids to behave well, or do their chores, or whatever. Teachers tend to use them a lot in classrooms. However, I have always felt rewards(and punishments,too) are overused, and often ineffective. Many times, if kids are given a reward system, it works great at first, but then, the reward has to get bigger and bigger, for the child to respond. Punishment, in my opinion, seems to work the same way. It works for a while, but then children get where they don't care what the punishment. Sometimes they will do the misbehavior, full well knowing they will get punished, but they don't care. I'm sure many of us growing up snuck out or did some other misdeed, knowing we would probably get caught and punished, but we did it anyway. And in a school setting, it seems like the good kids will act good regardless of the reward, and the "bad" kids(not that any child is bad, but you know what I mean, I hope) will continue to misbehave regardless of the punishment. Any opinions on this? Do you agree? Or do you think rewards and punishments are needed to help get your children to do what you want?
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