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May 2nd, 2010, 03:24 PM
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I want Amber to stay put until at least the 6th of June. I would like to celebrate Rock's birthday and then she can come. However, if she comes before my dad gets down here I think I'll have a hear attack while in labor, so I guess she needs to stay til then, and Idk when then is!!!

What will happen if you had her on a weekday? Will he come home ASAP or not until the weekend?

Don't worry about how you'll do it on your own yet. For one thing I've found so much can change in a few months that worrying about something that won't happen until August doesn't make sense. For the second thing, I know the only time I've found it to be really really overwhelming with kids is the first two weeks after LJ, I thought I'd die, I am dreading the feeling because I know I have to dedicate some of myself to LJ right after Amber is born, and a lot of myself to if I give any of myself to anybody else Idk how I'll make it! I am going to declare that I'm not in charge of ANYTHING, but Amber, when she's born, and hopefully whoever is hear for those first two weeks will be OK with that and help it be reality. Make sure you take advantage of your mom and anytime that your dh is home cuz you need to save your strength.

I've done the apart thing from dh, not with two kids, but with one and a pregnancy for part of it. DH was gone for 16 months, we saw each other 3 times during that 16 months, it makes you appreciate that person a lot more IMO.

My father wasn't there for my birth. Military family, he was on a plane there, cuz when mom went into labor he got on a plane, but he wasn't there for my birth. Idk that my mom missed him much, but I know if dh wasn't there for Amber's birth, Idk how I'd make it, he's for sure the reason I was able to do it without pain meds last time...I mean I'M the reason, but I needed dh for comfort, and everybody else who tried to comfort me, helped, but not that much.

I'm sure Jordan will stay put, Joshua didn't come any early, right? I feel like you said he came late? Or you were induced or something? I can't remember exactly, I guess it is all in this thread, I could just read, lol...

There certainly seems to be a birth every other time I get on lately, I know it'll only get worse now that is is May. We can officially say we're due next month! Isn't that awesome?

Anyway, dh says I have to go help him pick up my car now, lol.

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