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crystalclear October 22nd, 2005 03:42 PM

Friday night, October 14th, I attended my own baby shower given to us by mine and my husband's work colleagues. It was great fun... lots of yummy foods and useful gifts. While I was opening some presents I started having what I thought were just some fairly uncomfortable BH contractions. I didn't time them or anything, because I'd had them before and I figured if I could walk and talk and open presents, I was good to go. lol

Well, we left the party around 10:30pm or so, and headed back to the house. I sat in the middle of the floor on the nursery and looked at everything again and tried to figure out if there was anything I needed after all the extra loot we'd gotten at this last shower. It seemed like all was in order except for BF'ing supplies. Around midnight I rolled into bed, no longer having contractions really, just uncomfortable and tired.

At just after 1:30am, October 15th, I woke up to a very, VERY large puddle gushing out of my nether regions. lol ( I don't know how they can say that it's generally just around a cup or so when your water breaks. Mine personally felt like at least a gallon) So I smacked dear hubby in the head (it was dark.. i couldn't see) and told him I think I just ruined our mattress. He mumbled something in return about not moving and shuffled over to flip on the light. When he finally got to my side of the bed, yawning the whole way, his eyes got real wide, and he confirmed that it was indeed my water being broken and not my dreaded nightmare of losing all bladder control.

Cool. So I hop up and run in a semi-crouch to the bathroom, cupping my hands beneath me and trying frantically not to gush all over the hardwoods. I get to the toilet and think. How the heck am I supposed to make it all the way to the car and then to the third floor of the hospital without creating the second flood? My DH meanwhile is making a racket in the kitchen, pulling out everything from under the sink and shouting like a maniac 'Where's the Febreeze??!! Where's the Febreeze??!!'

Lovely. Looks like I'm going to have to chance not having an ark handy afterall. I wrap myself up in pads and trudge to the kitchen in order to help Ryan try and save the mattress. We never did discover the hiding place of the Febreeze. I think he ended up using 409. After that drama, and a good hour after my water had broken we had stuff thrown in a bag and left our house with cleaning supplies strewn throughout the floor from the sink to the bed.

Then as we're walking out the door, I look down at my confused dachshund and start to bawl. I felt so bad for leaving him. He didn't understand at all. I cried all the way to the hospital and then sucked it up so I wasn't sobbing in public.

I still didn't have any noticable contractions at this point. We walked in the front door and made our way up to L&D where DH got me admitted and they skipped triage all together and put us in our room.

It was then that the contractions started to become noticable and were finally forcing me to stop talking as they took place. I got to experience the worst part of my labor, the dreaded IV. UGH. It didn't take the first or second time, and I was fighting not to throw my head back and do a snoopy cry when they finally got it on the third attempt. Whew. First hurdle down. Two more to go.

They checked my cervix.... a measely 1cm, 50 % effaced. Blah. The contractions were coming hard though. Every 2 1/2- 3 minutes and getting stronger all the while.

They give me stadol. My opinion on Stadol is that it is like a getting a margarita during labor. I felt all the pain. I just didn't care quite so much as I did before... lol

9:30 am, close to seven hours later... Nurse comes back to check me again. 1.5... almost 2cm and 60% effaced. Grrrr... She asks if I want the pitocin and the epidural. I say sure, but epidural first. I'm a chicken. :) Doctor comes in, administers epi, and leaves. Not a big deal at ALL. Didn't hurt in any way. The IV was soooo much worse to me. I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself. Second hurdle down, one to go.

They administer the drugs. I could move my legs fine through the whole labor even with the epi. Pitocin and I get along really well. It kicked everything up at a much faster rate than before, with the effects starting immediately.

Shortly after this our parents arrive at the hospital, as well as our best friends (Madeleine's godparents). We turn the TV to ESPN and enjoy a half day of college football and each other's company. It was great. The only thing that spoiled it all was my inability to eat. I was STARVING... though they did put little flavors in the ice chips so it was sort of like a make believe snowcone. :smile:

Around 2pm, everyone began to get on my nerves and I was starting to feel more serious about the whole thing. This time when the nurse checks me I was 9cm. I kicked everyone out but DH and we chatted and just sort of took some us time while we waited for the last cm to open up. He scrubbed up around 2:20 and the nurse began to talk me through the pushing process. The epidural was turned off and I was feeling a bit of pain and whole heck of a lot of pressure. Ryan comes back in and takes over. My OB doc sits in the corner and cheers him on. (Ryan is a Family Practice resident, by the way, not like an accountant or something. lol)

My husband, the joker, can tell I'm hurting so starts counting really loud in Spanish through the pushing and contractions. I start giggling, because with his deeply Southern accent it sounds hilarious. The nurses join in. It takes about ten series of pushes before we get her head through and out the canal. Ryan was very cool and collected. I was so proud of him. They all tell me what a great job I'm doing and I can see the tears in my DH's eyes when he sees her for the first time. His voice wobbles a bit on 'Ocho'.. and then they tell me to stop pushing because the cord was around her neck. He got that fixed really quick and Then I got the rest of her out.

She. Was. Beautiful... if a little messy... lol

Ryan cut the cord and went with her to get her all cleaned up and warmed up beside me. He was all teary-eyed over his little mask. My OB doc whistled the tune to Tequila (I suppose he was inspired by the Spanish counting) while he stitched me up. (Third hurdle down, Success!) Everyone pretty much scurried away soon after that and we were left to bask in parenthood for the first time.

All in all, I would say my labor was pretty much exactly what I wanted it to be. Fun and tolerable and fairly relaxing to experience. I got the epi that allowed me to relax through a good bit of the process, and I also got it turned off in time to allow me to experience the actual pushing part as fully as I wanted... (OW by the way)

I was able to walk around, slowly mind you, fairly quickly after being stitched up... not that I really wanted to. Mostly I just wanted to lay in bed and hold that precious girl that somehow Ryan and I had managed to create. It still takes my breath away when I think of it. I can't believe she came from me. How much more beautiful can life get...

flygirls2 October 22nd, 2005 06:12 PM

Aww. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a really good labor and delivery. I had more pain with the IV too than the epi.

glasscandie October 23rd, 2005 12:45 PM

Aw! So your husband delivered her? That's awesome! I don't know what I was thinking, marrying into the military! Should have married a doctor! lol Great story!

And I, too, was bawling when I left my house for the hospital, b/c my poor dog didn't know WHAT the heck was going on lol

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