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May 4th, 2010, 05:53 AM
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I checked it and I found talc ( and fragrance ) in the babypwoder that we have at home. Maybe it's an older product.

edit: Yesterday I started to compose my "newest plan": I`ll try to get those 7th generation wipes and diapers ( a Skin Deep comment on that product said, they sell it at BRU ) They have a low hazard score of 1 ( at Skin Deep ) . Often those products with low hazard scores are difficult to find in stores. More on phthalates : Endocrine Disruption

I checked Jasmins teether : Teethers and Toys < Nuby Products | Nby?
I found it t be PVC, BPA free and phthalate free
BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Baby Teether Guide | The Soft Landing Blog

( I recently read an article that in Germany they already avoid BPA more than in most other countries, also in Europe phthalate in Kid`s toys are not allowed, at least they banned 6 kinds of phtalate - I came across this topic as yesterday I had an discussion with my dad on BPA and he asked what exactly is BPA, whether it`s plastic softener. I looked it up and found it as plastic hardener, as softener I then found phthalate. Therefore I checked for it)
I am trying to translate the content of the bolded text of this article , which was preliminary for banning 6 phthalates in Europe - Verbot von bestimmten Phthalaten in Spielzeug und Babyartikeln
DEHP, DBP and BBP ( certain phthalates ) are not allowed to be used in concentration higher than 0.1 % of plastic softener-mass of the baby article and toy.
text is nearly identical for DINP, DIDP and DNOP , except that those are the 3 phthalates banned "only" for anything that babys and kids can possibly take into mouth at an age below 3 years (I hope it's not too confusing.)

( On an American forum I read that articles made in China may often be free of phthalates as some phthalates are banned in Europe )

Also I am planning to buy a stainless steel coffee machine ( BPA leaches out more effectively when water is heated and I started to drink half a cup of caffeinnated coffee due to my recent jetlag. Jasmin seems okay with amount of caffein that I drink). I still have to check the water bottles that I usually drink on BPA. More on BPA (again ) BPA Plastic
In order to try to avoid lead in lipstick I am going to buy an Aveedo. I look sooo pale without lipstick

Hm , I still have no ultimate strategy to avoid phthalate AND BPA in toys ( phthalate can be avoided when one buys from companies that sell in Europe that same products, too, but there is no BPA ban in Europe, except for baby bottles )
BPA Ban Introduced; U.S. Lawmakers Follow Canada and Europe in Outlawing Toxic Plastic Chemical Attorney At Law
so maybe signing that petition makes some sense Sign the KSCA Petition | Kid Safe Chemicals Interactive Magazine | Environmental Working Group
I wonder why there's a phthalate ban in Europe, but no BPA ban for toys in Europe then.
Finally I found this company Non-Toxic Tots, Safe Toys and More.

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