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Twinkle November 5th, 2008 03:48 PM

I'd like everyone to post a brief paragraph about yourself and your baby. Feel free to update it and edit your post as necessary. Feel free to add one or two pictures. This will be a great place for "newbies" to our Playroom to come and learn about each of us. I do ask that if you have a response to someone's paragraph that you post a seperate thread, so that we can keep this one soley about each of us.


Lilah November 5th, 2008 06:36 PM

Hi, I am Lilah. I am a single mommy to my daughter, Liliana Zahra. She is the light of my life and my whole world. It is just the two of us - her father isn't in our lives. She is multi-racial (I am white and her father is African American and Asian Indian) and I certainly want to raise her to be very proud of who she is.

I hate labels but as far as "types" of parenting styles go I identify the most with attachment parenting. Liliana is still breastfeeding (and quite often still) and I would love for her to self wean, we still co-sleep, after extensive research I have decided to NOT vaccinate her because I believe the risks outweigh the potential benefits (to keep it simple but my reasons are much more involved than that), and certainly believe in gentle discipline (no hitting, no CIO, etc).

On a more personal level I am very liberal (but feel like I am accepting of different beliefs and perspectives), I am agnostic, vegetarian (I try to be respectful of all life), a multiple abuse survivor (would love to see more of you on the Survivors of Abuse board - it is located under "relationships" heading - we are a make-up of ALL types of abuse survivors though), and an assortment of other things. :P

Anyways, that is start. Here are a couple pics:

Me and Liliana a couple weeks ago:

And one of her solo:

LadyInWaiting November 5th, 2008 08:05 PM

Well, I am Sarah (22) married to Alex (22) for 4 years in December. Eleanor is our July 06'er. And Our son is due to arrive in December. We also have a dog and a cat.

I am a conservative as far as anything goes but I LOVE to talk to every one about their ideals and why they think the way they do. I find it so interesting! We are also Christians.. raised Southern Baptist but do not attend a church.

We also do not vaccine do to a vaccine damaged family member.

and an older picture of me and Eleanor so you can see what i look like:)http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c1...100_1212-1.jpg

Butter November 6th, 2008 06:10 AM

I'm Heather, age 30. My husband is Jamie, almost 33. We've been married 10 years. We have four children. Ani is 8 1/2, Cameron is 7, Fritz is 2, and Adrian is 4 months. We live in northern VA.


Presley's Mum November 6th, 2008 08:15 AM

Hi, I'm Jennifer (33), married to Derek (37), we have a daughter Presley Rose born on July 7th, 2006. We live in Northern Maine and have tons of family around us! My DH works super hard so I can be a SAHM with Presley! We have a Siberian Husky named Sully and he is one of Presley's best friend!! She just adores him...

Presley is a very picky eater and will not try anything new, drives me batty and we are currently working on the issue but it seems like a dead end! Dh and I plan to have more kids but right now I'm taking some RA meds that prevent me from it! But I hope to soon be off everything and have some more kiddoes!

Here's a couple of pics of Presley Rose!


quietsong November 7th, 2008 06:31 AM

I'm Kel, 25 year old wife to John and resident immigrant. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada before meeting my husband online and moving to the US to be with him. As of September 2007 I am a dual citizen and very proud to call both countries my home! We are currently living in a suburb of St. Louis, MO, where I work full time as an office admin and John works as an engineer developing and testing military aircraft.

Our July 06'er Eric is our first child, born at the very end of the month (31st). He is full of spunk and without any prompting from us loves all things traditionally boy - cars and trucks, sticks, bugs, etc. He is also a neat freak though, which makes an interesting combination! He is a big brother to Daniel, born in March of 2008 with a severe case of congenital CMV. Through his months in the NICU and subsequent appointments and trials, I have become a strong advocate for CMV awareness and hope anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant again to click here and education yourself about the risks and ways to prevent a potentially life-altering infection. I am thrilled to say that, at 8 months, the only lasting effect of his infection is deafness! He is the happiest kid you could ever meet, and loves trying to keep up with his big brother.

Me with the boys in July of 08

Eric & Danny on Halloween 2008

Lindsey608 November 7th, 2008 02:12 PM

I'm Lindsey (26), married to Justin (27) with one very energetic 2 year-old named Chloe (8-9-06) and boy/girl twins on the way in December. :lol: DH is a musician in the Army so we go where the job takes us. We're currently in Hampton Roads, VA and spent 3 years overseas on Germany prior to this duty station. I love getting to see different places but "home" is back on the west coast for us.. NV for myself and ID for DH. I have a BA in Child Development & Family Studies but for now I'm lucky enough to get to stay home and apply what I know to my own family.

The three of us on Chloe's birthday-


Logan&Sierrasmama0609 November 9th, 2008 07:35 AM

I am Jenny and I am 22 years old, although I look much younger! I am engaged to the man of my dreams! We have been together since I was 17 years old and we plan on spending many more years together. Together we have a crazy 2 year old son named Logan, who is our dream come true! I am a SAHM and will be for a long while. We plan on TTC #2 some time soon (I hope!). I live in Indiana, a very boring place to live if you ask me! I can't wait to get to know everyone!!

Here is Logan cleaning out his pumpkin

Logan and I holding up a piece of paper ;)

Here is Andy with one of my nieces

stacyp November 10th, 2008 07:58 AM

Hi, I'm Stacy (31), married to DH, Kelly (31). We have been married three years & have two beautiful sons, Andrew (2) & Luke (5.5 months). We live in a very small town in Ohio. I am an RN in long term care & DH is a graphic designer. He works for a direct mailing company.

Andrew is of course, our July 06 baby. He is an energetic child who hates to sleep all night. He still to this day won't sleep through the night. He's very loving & an awesome big brother.

Luke is my youngest. He was born with a hole in his heart & Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome). He had open heart surgery in September 2008. He is such a pleasant baby & loves watching his brother.

I will post pics later.

Jenabirdcm November 10th, 2008 08:26 AM

Hi, I'm Jennifer (29) married to DH, David (31) for almost 6 years. We have 3 daughters, Sydney (4), Penelope (2) and Maggie. I'm a stay at home mom. DH currently works at Target and is working on his degree in Geology.

A bit about our girls:
Sydney is a smart little girl always giving us strange information.

Pene our July '06er is a crazy kid, she is braver than her older sister and it's a amazing some of the things she will do and say.

Maggie our little angel, she born on May 5th 2008 with Trisomy 18 (Edward's syndrome) which is a fatal genetic disorder. She was with us for almost 5 months before she went to heaven on October 4th 2008. We miss her alot.

We are also expecting baby #4. We weren't trying but she/he is a great blessing.


Tash November 10th, 2008 01:15 PM

I am Tash, wife of 5 years to Matt. mom to Landen and soon to Logan (12/4/08). I am a Stay at home mom, Jehovah's witness, and a Doula.

I'll post a pic eventually. :)

laura007 November 10th, 2008 03:37 PM

Hi everyone! :yellowcheer: My name is Laura (27) married to Marcos (31) for 8 years now on the 18th. He is the love of my life and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful man who values the same things in life that I do but is still his own person, if that makes sense. We live in New Mexico (not Mexico) and are pretty laid back people who love to spend time with each other and our two kids.

Jerome is my July 06'r and he is the light of my life. He loves dinosaurs and has about 50 of them, He also loves Mickey Mouse and carries his stuffed Mickey EVERYwhere we go and he loves all of our animals. He is very loving and will ask me "are you ok, mama?" around 5 times a day, but he can also be very stubborn and I think he gets that from me! I'm amazed at how much he has learned and changed in just two short years. Our daughter, Alexis (Lexi) was born on May 24th and let me tell you, she sure is the princess in our family. She lets us know the minute she is unhappy with something. Lexi adores her brother and is mezmorized (sp?) with him the moment she sees him. Jerome on the other hand...I'm not too sure how he feels about her yet, lol. My little Lexi completes our family and I cant thank God enough for the wonderful life he has given us.

Our princess Alexis

My stink butt Jerome


My sexy husband

Mom2Nat&Ry November 11th, 2008 11:32 AM

I'm Ashley(22), married to Justin(24), and SAHM to Natalie(6-29-06).

Natalie is a picky eater. Some days she eats like a mouse and other times she surprises us and eats really well. We give her a daily gummy vitamin and she helps remind us. We have been lucky that she hasn't been sick that much, only a couple times. She is a girly girl, loves her purses, baby dolls, and dressing up.

Dh and I both go to college part time at night. Our parents take turns keeping Natalie. He is going to college for Heating & Air and I am going for Early Childhood Development.

We are WTTC until I get my associates degree done, which is about 1 1/2-2 years. It is so hard to do college with Natalie, can't imagine with 2.

will edit and post pics later

Jaidynsmum November 20th, 2008 01:02 AM

I'm Yvonne and the resident UK member of the PR! I live in Scotland with my DH Peter (married for nearly 14 years). We have 4 daughters and a son.
Ceilidh -our Angel. She was born sleeping in September 1994. We found out she had anencephaly at 17 weeks and she was born at 42 weeks.
Elijah-Mae is nearly 13 and boy has she got the attitude to match :lol:
Rheiya will be 11 at the end of January and is my helpful child! She's willing to do anything you ask, but it's starting to cost me money :lol:
Lucas is 8 and is a typical boy!
Jaidyn is our July 06er and is so full of character, she does/says all the cute silly things a toddler should do/say, which is something the others never did, they were always so serious!!

I've been a SAHM for 13 years :wacko: but once Jaidyn satrts school in 2011 I'll be heading back into the workforce :unsure:

Preggers December 6th, 2008 10:37 AM

Hi I am Patrizza (31) married to John (31) for 6 years. After 2 miscarriages Miabella was born July 19, 2006. I am a stay at home mommy and I love it. I do have 2 little side craft businesses that keeps me busy as well. We will try for another baby around Miabella's 3rd birthday.

mrsgishie December 23rd, 2008 07:21 PM

My name is Rachel and I've been married to Dan since 2000. We have 2 kids and live in Federal way, WA.

skyler January 6th, 2009 10:04 AM

Hello I am Leslie 38, mom to Garrett 14 and Wynston 2. I work and go to school full-time and will be graduating with my second degree May 11th. I was going to attend NC State Trooper Academy but so much has happened and I can't stand the thought of leaving my boys so I plan to start my Master's program this fall to get my Master's in Psychology/Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

andi2284 February 14th, 2009 02:23 PM

I'm Andrea (25) married to Zane (26) since July 2004. DH is from Maine and I'm from Michigan and we finally settled down in Michigan to raise our family. I'm a SAHM and DH is a service tech for a company that makes commercial/industrial burners. We just finished up 6 1/2 years in the military, 5 1/2 as active duty Army and 1 year in the National Guard. It was a good experience, we lived in NC and FL and met many great friends. After 2 deployments though, and many seperations, we're glad to have it behind us.

I'm mom to Abigail (July 23, 2006) and Anna (December 11, 2008). My girls are a joy and being a mom is so much fun! 4 furbabies, our cats, complete our family for the time being.

SandKmommy February 16th, 2009 03:30 PM

I'm Justine married to Ken(25) and our July 06er is Seamus(Shay-mus), born July 18th, 2006. He was born in Cd'A, Idaho we lived there till November 2007 then moved to Nebraska till June 2008 then decided to move back home to Idaho. We are currently waiting the arrival of our little girl Kieran(Keer-An) coming early April.

rose198172 February 26th, 2009 02:06 AM

Hi, girls! I was active on the June 06 PR back when it was by itself, so I guess I'll re-introduce myself here! :D

My name is Tiffany (27). I'm a proud Navy wife to Matt (26) and we have two kids. Emilee was born on June 22, 2006. She has some developmental delays (she has almost no speech, she didn't walk until she was 20 months old and has some other "red flag" behaviors), which is part of the reason that I've avoided posting here.... she is not PT and there are a lot of other things she just doesn't do. We also have a son, Christian, who was born July 21, 2007.





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