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May 4th, 2010, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by mousemomof3 View Post
If its anything like here it could be a long waiting list. after a more then a year wait we ended up going through the private route. Lucky for us benefits cover so much of the program. Speaking of calling people I have to call the school oard section and see why they haven't called me yet for his in school help. My son goes to speech therapy for articulation of words.

Glad to see you back here
Thats basically what his pediatrician wants him to go for too. He's always been behind in speech but he was doing pretty well then all the sudden got worse again. We can understand him because we're with him 24/7 but others like my mom or brothers who rarely see him have a hard time understanding what hes saying. I wish we could go with a private center our kids have state insurance since dh's work insurance is too much(so him and I don't have any) and they only pay for certain ones. If we don't get into the one at the hospital soon I think when he starts preschool(hopefully in October, I need to call them too. He has to be 4 to go to them) they will help him out. Worst case would be he wouldnt' get help till next year when he starts regular school.

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