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Jade89 July 21st, 2007 10:18 AM

Well, this is very long over due so I figured I would go ahead and post it now!

The night before I went into labour we were doing a lot of walking, all over town because I was really starting to get frustrated. I was misserable, swollen and my doctor wanted to induce me but couldn't because I wasn't dialated yet. So after walking so long that I felt like my legs would fall off I went to sleep, I was exhausted. Around 6AM I woke up with some noticable but not painful contractions. I had been sent home so many times with false contractions that week that I said screw it and waited.

Well a good friend of ours had come over because her mom didn't pick her up from work like she was suppose to. (I took it as a sign of sorts!) I went outside and sat with her until my step dad and mom got up from bed. By this time I was doubling over every time I had a contraction, it was very uncomfortable but I knew it was finally time. Us with no car got ready to walk to a friends house just at the corner of our street, well when we got ready to leave my friends mom finally got there and she went home to get changed out of her work cloths so she could go up to the hospital.

We got to our other friends house and waited for her sister to get back with the van, I'd have to say another 15 minutes. I was swearing up and down that if they sent me home this time I would punch the doctor in the face and who could blame me, they sent me home 5 times already and I knew I was dialated now, I had to be. So finally we're on the way to the hospital, mom was calling everyone that I had said I wanted in the room when I had her, so we had our friend Heather who drove us, her sister, my adopted sister Jessica, the babies god mom jess, my mom and my step father all ended up there to see her being born.

When we got there of course I had to fill out paperwork and I was shaking so badly that I could hardly even sign my name...I told the admissions nurse to just hurry the #%*$ up because this baby was coming soon. Well when they finnaly get me up to L&D and check me I'm only two CM dialated. They started me on a drip to get my contractions going better. From then on I fought with the nurses and my mom because they kept telling me to slow my breathing and I couldn't, if I did I was gunna scream. by the time I was dialated half way I decided there was no way I could do this without an epidural.

I wanted to cry, so they got the tech up there and gave me that, which made it so I could hardly move my legs, I felt like my body had fallen asleep which at the time was a relief. I would have tried to sleep but I was to excited and ready to see my little girl. Well the doctor came in and broke my water at that point and the contractions started getting worse. A couple hours later they checked me again and I was close enough to start pushing!!! YAY! I was ready for my little girl. A couple pushes later she was there! my doctor was on vacation so I wasn't happy but the dumb quack did ok (He's known as the baby killer by many around here.)

Audree was finally born may 5th 2007 at 6:15pm, she weighed 6lbs 5.6 oz and was 18 inches long.

That was hell to go through but if I had to I would do it all over again, I wouldn't trade the expierance or my beautiful little girl for the world.

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