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dansgirl February 11th, 2008 09:01 AM

Let's see.. I can't believe I'm just now writing this..should have done it MUCH earlier so I would remember all the details more. Anway here goes:

It was July 30th and I was sitting at my desk typing (still working 40 hours x week). My due date had come and gone (July 22nd) and I had given up on the silly baby coming out anytime soon! lol But I was in such a good mood those last 2 weeks. I was happy, relaxed, and completely NOT anxious or stressed, even though EVERYONE asked me if I was. I remember everyone at work making a big deal about the fact that I was 8 days overdue and still coming to work. That really bothered me..I just wanted them to go away. It helped keep my mind off things while I could focus on work. So I had a reg. scheduled dr. apt at 3 pm that afternoon and was hoping I had made progress. By this point I was about 2 cm. and not effaced at all (I dont think..if I was it was just a bit, can't remember). I started having tightness across my stomach pretty frequently but not really any pain. I went to a website that helped you time the contractions (I didn't even know if that was what they were yet, just a guess). They were about 5-7 min. apart, but still no pain. I knew they needed to be about 5 min. apart for an hour before I could go in, so since my appt. was then in about one hour, I just stayed put and kept timing them. Some started to get intense, but then would lessen back up. Still about 5 min. apart. So I went to my dr. apt. and Oh~forgot to say, That morning when I woke up I thought that my water had possibly broken, as it felt more "wet" than usual, but I thought it was just discharge. I also lost my mucous plug that morning and had bloody show. So I told my doc all this at the appt and she checked to see if my water had broke, yep, it had, though I didn't really know what time it did exactly. She then checked me and said I was a stretchy 4! As she was taking her gloves off I asked her, ..so do I go home or what? As back at work all the btdt moms that I told I was maybe having contractions said the doc would most likely tell me to go home and rest. The doc laughed and said I needed to go to the hospital now! I was like.oh.. okay!! She said I couldn't drive there, that DH had to come get me. Well he was about 1/2 hour away for work, so I called him and he started to rush home. I started to feel better, contractions subsided, so I drove home myself, as DH wasn't there yet. lol. DH got there after a bit and we grabbed our bags and left. I remember it being so serene..I think he expected to come home to get me and I would be in pain or anxious or something..but I just silently sat by the window waiting for him..
So we got to the hospital and they hooked me up. I was almost 6 then but still not in any serious pain. DH and I joked and laughed and took silly pics. Well then the contractions started getting stronger and I asked for an epi at 7. I think I only had about 10 really bad contractions. Right before I got my epi (oh they put me on 02 as the baby's heart rate had dropped a bit from the contractions) I was in tears and thought I might pass out with my next contraction. So I got the eip (didn't hurt at all getting it) and was numb from the waist down (but could still lift my legs up in the air well...my doc thought that was amazing! lol). A couple hours went by, then they told me I was ready to push. It was hard to tell when I was having a contraction so I just guessed pretty much. I think I pushed for another 1.5 hours and out she came (it was now 1 am on the 31st) The pushing part was easy as pie, I didn't get tired at all..I think just so excited. Plus my water aerobics that I did for 3x a week for the last 2 months really helped! So I pushed her head out and the doc told me to wait so she could unwrap the cord, it was around her neck but not tight. Then I pushed the rest of her out. I was surprised at my DH, he said before I had her that he wouldn't want to watch, but he did..the entire thing! And was quite amazing. He held my leg and helped me count, it was great. So they handed her right to me and I remember saying..what is it? (sex) and they said Oh, and had to check, lol. It's a girl! I was sooo shocked and I really thought it was going to be a boy!! I was SO HAPPY though!! I think I may have ad a few tears, not much though. They took her and cleaned her, etc, with DH following with the video camera. The doc had me push the placenta out and sewed me up (2nd degree laceration). Still no pain down there at all. I remember asking the doc how long the epi would last, and she asked me how many times I had pushed the button to get more of it..I was like..huh? No one even told me about that! But that is okay, as I never needed the booster. So they gave her back to me and tried nursing her, I remember thinking, her mouth is so tiny!! And oh my goodness...now what!!! Such a overwhelming feeling! I remember thinking..now am I holding her right? And when I held her and she stopped crying it surprised me!! So that part was all good.
The actual hospital stay was not fun though, for the first night Makenna cried the ENTIRE night! poor baby! The nurses said it was a high-pitched cry like she was in pain..I didn't know, just thought it was how she cried. So that was very stressful...wonderful beginining to parenthood! DH was sooo wonderful thought. I didn't really know how much he would help with her or what not, but he took over when he saw how much it hurt to nurse her and how tired I was. He wheeled her out into the visitor room so I could sleep. The next night was better though, no crying. I was SOO ready to come home!!! So all in all, the pregnancy, labor, and delivery were very easy..the hard part was bringing her home since she was so fussy!! But it was a wonderful experience for sure. :)

eli's momma February 11th, 2008 10:09 AM

wow i never realized you hadn't posted this before! it's nice to go back now and remember though right? it doesn't seem like this much time has passed since they were born!

hockeymomto4boys February 11th, 2008 11:23 AM

Wow great birth story...you did awesome!!! :cheer:

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