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May 5th, 2010, 11:30 AM
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About Noah's birth... The fact that he kept turning sideways and the nurse still had me push because she was at the end of her shift and just didn't give a crap what was going on. The pain of the doctor reaching in there to turn Noah countless times is still VERY fresh in my mind, and the whole forceps ordeal. I was so tore up and sore and that's what I think about everytime I think about Noah's delivery.

About Nicky's birth... There wasn't really anything that went horrible during the delivery, but all that day (he was born at 2:32 in the morning) I knew something was wrong with him and nobody believed me. Dh told me he didn't hear anything strange with Nicky's breathing, my mom said she didn't notice anything, the nurse basically told me I was hearing things and just having new baby worries. With everybody telling me they weren't hearing anything, I didn't push it and just let it go and the next morning when his pediatrician took him for his circumcision, she came back and told me they didn't do the circumcision and that Nicky was in the NICU because of the way he was breathing. I felt AWFUL that I KNEW something was wrong and let everyone talk me out of doing anything about it.. I felt like I failed him because I knew something was wrong and didn't stand up for him! And then with him being in the NICU and no one knowing for sure what was wrong with him, I felt like I had done something during the pregnancy that caused him to have problems.. I blamed myself for his medical conditions for a LOOOOOOONG time and still wonder if I had done something differently during pregnancy or if I just wasn't so sick during it if it would have made a difference and he wouldn't have to go through all this.
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