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May 5th, 2010, 02:15 PM
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I'm a first time mommy, my little one is just 1. My husband and I work full time, and currently, my mother in law is watching my daughter while we work. I appreciate her watching my daughter in loo of daycare, we haven't had to battle endless colds, etc. and I know she is having a blast all day with This isn't a free service, we also pay grandma to watch her. Lately, gma has been referring to herself as "maw maw"...and it seems to REALLY bother me. Everytime my daughter looks at me and says "ma ma" grandma steps in and says - "maw maw is right here". If she is around and someone asks me a ? about my daughter, she hops in and answers before I get the chance. I already feel guilty about missing time with my daughter bc of work, and grandma butting in at every chance she gets is sending me to my breaking point! My husband replies is "oh, thats just my mom - i guess i'm just used to it, don't let me bother you"..but it does!! How can I tame this overbearing M.I.L??? Am I just over reacting??
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