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iluvgummies August 18th, 2008 05:14 PM

The Short-Story of Dominic Michael
Born Monday, August 11, 2008 at 5:39pm CST (2 days past due date)
7lbs, 14oz - 20 in
Brown hair and blue eyes...unless you ask DH, he says they're brown - we compromise and say steel blue/gray :P
Total labor: just under 9 hours (55 minutes pushing)

So, let's go to that wonderful summer day...

Approx. 9am
After laying in bed with some menstrual like cramps I get up and use the bathroom. TMI alert....I pull down my pants and before I can sit on the toilet, this huge booger like glob falls on the fall. My mucus plug!

10 am
I've eaten breakfast, checked some emails, and noticed that this cramps are coming and going, but every time they come my back hurts w/ them. I call DH at work and give him a heads up. He tells me to keep him posted. I start timing them. I'm thinking this is it, but I've got some cleaning I want to get done before I have the baby -wash dishes, clean toilets in both bathrooms, take out garbage & recyclables, sweep kitchen floor. I only get the dishes done b/c these cramps are starting to come every 4-6 minutes and each time they come my back is killing me.

Call DH and tell him maybe he should come home. These cramps are coming regular and man do they hurt. He agrees. I jump in the shower.

After DH got home I called the doctor's office. She wasn't in yet so the nurse told me to go to the hospital and get checked. So here I am in triage. 4 cm dilated and contractions coming regular. They're going to monitor baby for a half hour, then have me walk around for an hour, then decide whether or not to admit me.

They're going to admit me. Which is great b/c at this point my back is killing me. Walking, sitting, stretching, laying, doesn't matter - when those contrax come my back is on fire. No surprise when the resident doctor tells me baby is face up (back labor - oh, joy!) She says to keep walking, that maybe baby will turn. I can't walk, though, my back hurts too much and I am seriously considering getting an epidural. *DH will later tell me that at this point, when I had a contrax and was laying in bed, I was pulling on the side rail so tightly he thought I was going to break it*

3 pm
My water breaks. WOW, what a huge amount of fluid...including some baby poo-poos. DH and I are alone in the room and neither of us has any idea where the nurse button is. DH runs out in the hall, there's no one around. He remembers seeing some cord in the bathroom and he pulls it - something starts buzzing noisely in the hallway and half a dozen nurses coming running into the room! I feel pretty stupid telling them all it was just my water breaking, but the nurse kindly points out the button shaped like a cross on my bed and tells me she's glad I'm okay. She asks what we're going to do in the way of pain relief. I told her "I was going to go w/o an epi, but you know what, why don't you just bring me that epi as soon as you can." She smiles and says she'll look into it, in the mean time, would I like to go in the jacuzzi for a bit? Sure.

Approx 4:30
So, I'm in the hot tub. Aside from little Dominic being born this will be the highlight of my day. It feels great! That is until I start feeling the need to bear down every time I have a contrax. My nurse happens to be in the room during one of my contrax and she immediately panics and goes "Oh, no honey, don't do that. You have to breathe through it. Breathe through it and when it's done we'll get you out and check you. Don't go pushing yet." Some how I breathe through and she gets me out. I go in the bed. She checks and I'm 10cm and baby's at a -2 station. "No wonder you feel the need to push" the nurse says. W/ my next contrax she has me push and says, "Oh, wow, if you keep pushing like that the baby'll be out in 15 minutes." She calls my doctor (who's at her office about 10 minutes away) and prepares herself, me, and DH to deliver the baby.

I officially start pushing w/ each contrax. I start out pushing great w/ every contrax. But then my doctor arrives and instead of baby being out in 15 minutes I'm told just another 10-15 minutes. I see the clock, it's 5:15 now, a half hour's passed. I'm getting discouraged, I'm starting to weaken. But then things start happening. They can't keep track of baby's heart beat so they have to apply an internal monitor. Baby's heart rate starts dropping. They feel the need to put an IV in me. They doctor has them call in a "special pediatric nurse" who she says in brought in certain circumstances "just in case." I'm in too much pain to think about all this, but DH told me later that he could tell the doctor and nurses were starting to worry. My doctor has them bring in a vaccum, but keeps talking to me, telling me that she doesn't want to use it, that I've been really doing great and I can do this on my own. Well, right about then I can feel the baby is RIGHT THERE and the pressure doesn't go away between contrax...so I'm getting really encouraged, I've found my second wind. A few my agonizing pushes later and my doctor's telling me to look up (oh yeah, I realized later I had my eyes closed the entire time I was pushing, lol.) I look up and I see the baby's head. One more good push and baby's out! I hear DH say "looks like a boy", but with a bit of questioning in his voice. Doctor says, "I think you may be right." No one's telling me for sure so I finally asked and, yup, it's a boy. Born at 5:39.

Wrapping up...
I tore...all the way. Lots and lots of stitches. Because baby's heart rate had been dropping they did grab him right away and check everything (usually they immediately give the baby to mom.) But it was only a couple more minutes and he was wrapped up in my arms. DH took a picture of this, when he was looking at it later he smiled. I asked him what and he said he'd never seen me so happy before. I was very impressed with DH and kept telling him so afterwards. He didn't even want to be in the delivery room, but in the end he held my one leg the entire time, took a peek at baby's head as he was coming out, and kept telling me over and over again what a great job I was doing. He did not, however, cut the umbilical cord. He'd said ahead of time that he had no desire to, but I thought after being there for the whole delivery he might change his mind. No big deal to me one way or the other.

I think that about sums it up. Did I call this a short story? LOL, sorry.

*ETA: I forgot to add a few details about the significance of Dominic's birthdate. 1. My Grandpa's birthday was August 11. He passed away last Spring. As soon as my family found out my due date was the 9th they all kept predicting baby would be born on the 11th. Part of me feels like he was up in Heaven pulling some strings to help make my L & D fast & tolerable. 2. DH's family's dog has been sick for quite a few months now, just withering away. My MIL came home from working third shift on Monday morning and found the dog couldn't even get up. She had to carry her outside to use the bathroom. She ended up calling the vet and having him come to the house to put her down. The vet got to the house around 5:30 and put her down right away. My baby was born within minutes of my in-law's dog dying - how weird. 3. My doctor wanted to induce on the 16th. I really wanted to go natural so as soon as we agreed on inducing I started talking to my baby, asking him/her to come on his own. What a good little boy he is very listening to his Mama.

Okay, that's really the end of the story now. :D

ms.amy August 18th, 2008 05:22 PM

Aww hun sounds like you did a wonderful job! Congrats hun!

doremi August 18th, 2008 06:06 PM

Good job mama! Congratulations! I hope you heal quickly... sorry you tore so badly.

laur2laur August 19th, 2008 08:55 AM

yea! congrats on your little boy!!

yea! congrats on your little boy!!

RainyDay August 19th, 2008 02:18 PM

Congrats! I can't believe you were able to do it naturally with back labor (after going through it twice myself I know the pain!). I'm glad little Dominic is okay and I look forward to seeing some pictures!

doremi September 27th, 2011 01:08 AM

Re: Dominic Michael

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