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*Avrys*~*Momma* November 12th, 2009 08:54 PM

Avry Allans Birthstory 9/2/08
Hello ladies! I never put Avrys birth story in here so here it is. I have from the Induction the week before till he was born:

The Induction
Thought I would update you guys on me. I went in on Sunday at 3pm to be induced...they started me on Citatec(sp) at 4:30 and then again at 8:30--- I was having contractions pretty regular and baby was active! at 1:30am they started the pitocen(sp) to help get things going as my cervix was moving forward and getting softer but still closed. Well, as this morning came around, my doc came in to check me and said babys head was way down there but cervix still closed/soft & he would come back around noon. THE contractions got a bit unbearable but I was proud of myself for how I tolerated them. Did some walking to try to speed things up & that didnt work except to make me even more sore. THey had the hardest time keeping babys heartbeat cause he kept moving. Playing hide & seek with them. Well, he checked at noon and still no progress except for softer cervix and babys head was really pressing down hard so handled the contractions till around 3pm when my DR came back and decided to stop the pitocen and send me home. I really was planning on not leaving without a baby!! He said to come back if my water breaks or am way too uncomfortable. and to see the other Dr on Wednesday to see what he thinks....unless something happens before then. THe nurse told us to go home and DTD with nipple stimulation to get labor going. I'm really kinda sad that he sent us home.....I didnt think they would do that....so now we have to play it by ear again. I just want this over with!!

i have finally got time to update as my DH brought the laptop up. This morning I got up around 7 or so and went to the bathroom...everytime i got up, i was leaking and this time it was going down my leg & was clear. I showered, lost some more, then dressed and waited awhile to see if it stopped or if the contractions would stop. They were about 5 minutes apart but I was afraid it was just another false alarm so called DH at work to let him know I was gonna call L& D and see what they said. They told me to come in ( i should add that right before I left when i wiped, the TP was all pink)SO I went in at 10ish and I was prepared to go home when she said that it actually was my water that broke! YAY! so I called DH at work to let him know and he came around 12. I wasnt dilated at all when i came in *sigh* my body just doesnt know what to do or something...lol. My contractions stayed around 4-7 min apart most of today..they have given me 3 doses of antibiotics now. Been walking quite a bit to get things going and seems to help make the contractions come on but now have a headache & just about ready to get that sleeping pill they have for me. They are going to put me on the monitor shortly before they start the Pit. which will be at 4am. I still am not sure whether or not they will check me at that point or not. Went into labor on labor day...har de har! :lol:

So.......here i sit in the hospital dealing with the contractions/headache and waiting for Avry to make his appearance(his official due date is tomorrow)

I'll keep you posted!!!

**Update** Due Date: 9/2/08

They had the pit up to 12 and I just couldnt take it anymore so when the Doctor came in at 7am, he said he had a surgery to do first but then after that we could do a csection or we could wait anoter 6-8 hrs on pit to see if I could dilate any farther...I said NO! I was only 1cm at this point still! :eek:. So we went to the OR around 9:00ish(i wasnt quite sure of the time) and Avry was born at 9:39am. 8lbs 7 oz 18.75 inches long! The reason we werent dilating anymore was because he was face up and couldnt drop anymore. DH did awesome! he videotaped the birth and took pictures. I was pretty out of it after all the medicine & i got sick. We arent having very good luck with breastfeeding right now....he has to use a shield and then doesnt suck very long or loses interest. we are still trying though. He just likes to cuddle! hehe I've been up walking a bit today, showered this morning and am feeling better but the incision hurts so bad on the right side. I'll post pictures once I get home as DH tried to send them to the laptop but it didnt work.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives! He certainly is our special little man.....born right on his due date! (they say something like only 5% are actually born on their due date)

Here are some pictures:
My Wonderful DR that chose to go on Vacation when I was due lol:
Fav. Nurse:
Proud Daddy:
3 Month photo shoot:
6 month photo shoot:

12 months photo:

*Avrys*~*Momma* November 13th, 2009 03:44 PM

Re: Avry Allans Birthstory 9/2/08
Sorry! Double post! My computer was acting up last night!

RainyDay May 18th, 2011 09:58 AM

Re: Avry Allans Birthstory 9/2/08
I just saw this post today! How cute to see those precious newborn pictures and then up to one year old :)

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