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msmillsap08 November 24th, 2009 12:54 AM

Lillianna Rose`s Birth Story
We found out on January 15th, 2008 that we were expecting our first baby. We wanted a Girl. So we were suprised when the Sonogram stated we were indeed having a girl. This was the first Pregnancy/Baby for the both of us. She was due September 10th,2008. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful until I reached 25 wks, I began having some contractions, enough to warrant an overnight stay in the hospital and some drugs to help keep the contractions at bay. I had already begun to dilate and was 2-3cm and 50% effaced. They got my contractions stopped, and sent me home with orders for strict bedrest and placed me on Procardia to help the contractions from coming back. All was fine for a couple weeks, when bam on the Morning of June 23rd, 2008 I awoke with what I thought was Gas Pains, they just kept getting worse and worse, until around noon I had my husband call my mom, by this time I was in tears. She walks in and takes one look at me and knows that I am in hard labor and we are not gonna make it to the hospital which is over 25 miles away, so she picks up the phone and dials 911. The Ambulance is there in what seems like two minutes time, they whisk me off to the Hospital with My husband riding in the Ambulance and my parents in the Van behind us. We get there and get checked and I am already 7-8 CM and almost fully effaced. We arrived at 1:30 p.m. I was placed on the Triage Bed in hte Labor And Delivery Floor Triage Room. My mom arrived shortly thereafter and it was about 5 mins later I was ready to push as Lilly was right there, so I did and at 1:38 p.m she was born, all 3 pounds, 3 ozs and 15 inches of her. She wasnt breathing too well and had a weak cry that sounded like a kitten mewing. The docs rushed her off to the Nursery as our Pediatrician was on Standby, it was an agonizing two hours before I even got to see my baby girl, they worked on her to stabilize her, she had to be inutubated to help her breathe,because even though she got the betamethasone shots for her lungs, she still had trouble breathing on her own. She was transported about an hour away to another hospital that had a Level 3 NICU. I was released at 9 that same night so that I could go on up and be with her, Im guessing they didnt expect her to make it, but she did. She spent 11 wks in the NICU and had to have a Blood Transfusion on July 4th. She came off the Vent the very next day after her birth. She certainly was a fighter! She is doing wonderful. I cant tell where she is behind in anything. She is almost 17 months old, but since she is a preemie her adjusted age right now would be almost 14 months, she walks and almost runs, talks and says a lot of words, she is smart. They say her head is right where she should be with the growth and measurements, the rest of her body measures behind at smaller sizes. She only weighs around 20 lbs and can wear some 6-9 months clothing also. She is def my Miracle Child! They say that she was born early because I had a Bad Urinary Tract Infection and was dehydrated and that threw me into labor.

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