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babieontheway January 22nd, 2008 07:48 AM

On Wednesday, January 2nd, I went to the hospital for my scheduled induction. The doctor decided to induce me bc of my hypertension. I maybe got an hour of sleep the night before bc of all the excitement and nervousness running through my body. He started with the gel application around 8:00 am, did another around 12, another at 4 pm and my cervix was not cooperating at all. I wasn't dilated at all and was still hard. The doctor gave me the choice to stay the night and try again in the morning or come back on Friday morning to try again. I decided to come back Friday.

Thursday night I actually slept bc I had it in my head that nothing was going to happen again and I would be sent home. I arrived about 8:00 am on Friday morning to try again. The doc started with the gel again around 12. (The nurse forgot to tell him I was there that morning and he left the hospital for his appointments before he saw me) I got my IV, which didn't hurt at all..just a pinch. Around 3:00 pm the gel still had not did anything and the doctor asked if I wanted another gel application or to try the pitocin. I said lets try the pitocin. I was 1cm at this time. I believe they started it around 3:30pm. My two sisters, mom, best friend and fiance were with me the whole time. I started to get a little crampy and was asking my sister if there was anything showing up on the monitors, which there were tiny contractions. They just felt like mild period cramps. Time went by and the nurses kept increasing the pitocin and nothing was happening. Around 1:00 am I started to feel bad for my family bc they were dead tired and the seats there were very uncomfortable and I thought I had them come all the way to the hospital and stay overnight for nothing. I barely slept, maybe 2 hours. My family went to the waiting room to try to sleep in the more comfy chairs and DF stayed with me.

5:00 am rolls around and still NOTHING! The doctor checked me and I was still stuck at 1 cm. By this time, they had given me the max amount of pitocin they were able to give. In a way, I knew I wasn't going to dialate bc all the women on my moms side of the family never did. They ALL had C-sections. So the doctor said he was gonna take the baby by C-section. THEN, I started to get excited again. I didn't mind having a C-section. I just wanted my baby out! So I had my DF go and get my family so I could say goodbye before I went back to the OR.

I started to get really nervous when it came time to do the spinal. I remember the room being soooo bright and the table was so narrow, I thought I would fall off. I was sitting there and they were explaining how the process was gonna go and prepping me. They did not let DF come back yet and I was so scared by myself sitting there and finally a really nice nurse came to talk to me and rub my arms. I thanked her so much for comforting me.

They started the spinal with a numbing medicine. It kinda hurt but nothing too bad. I told myself I would say the ABC's really slowly and by the time I was done, the spinal would be done. WELL that didn't work out the way I thought. I must of said the ABC's 7 times and they still weren't finished. I did feel a lot of pain in my left side. I kept hearing the anesthesiologist telling the nurse to get a bigger needle. They attempted the spinal block 4 times before they realized they did not have a big enough needle and decided to do an epidural. I did not feel the epi at all. I was just glad it was over. By this time, I must of said the ABC's 30 times lol. A whole hour had passed and finally DF came back with me. He looked so cute in his scrubs! lol.

I thought the c-section would take a long time to do. I was wrong. It felt like it was over in 10 minutes. I heard a lot of suctioning and then the doctor said "Did you hear that?" and I said yeah, I thought it was suctioning and then I heard a loud CRY! OMG It was so overwhelming!!! Tears were racing down my cheeks. I cried so much that my ears were filling with tears and I had DF wipe them out! lol.

Makayla Kai Burrell was born at 6:25 am, 7lbs 3 oz 18.5 inches long. APGAR was 9 and 9. She had a head full of jet black hair which I was not expecting bc I had absolutely NO heartburn my whole pregnancy. I honestly cannot put into words the joy and happiness I felt laying there watching them clean up my baby girl. The little cries she made were so precious. Then they handed her to DF and I got to feel how soft her little arms were. We were so in love.

After the surgery, they wheeled me into the recovery room and let my family come in to see the new baby. Everyone was so excited to finally meet her and I think they all forgot how uncomfortable and tired they were. I got to hold her a little bit with the help of my DF bc I was still woozy from the epi and pain meds they gave me. Then they took her to the nursery to be cleaned up and checked out. They took me to my room and there I waited for them to bring me my baby. I tried to sleep for a bit but just couldn't with everything that had just happened. I wanted to see my baby again sooo bad! They finally brought her back tome about 2 hours later so we could bond. I'm so in love with her.

The next day, once my pain meds wore off a little I noticed I had a horrible headache that only went away if I laid down. I was told this was more than likely a spinal headache from the spinals they attempted to give me. What happens is, when they take the spinal fluid out and put it back in, some of it went to my brain causing the headache. I was told the only way to get rid of it was to do a blood patch, which is pretty much the same procedure as the epidural, or I could wait it out and it would go away in about a week. I decided to wait it out bc I didn't want to go through that procedure again bc of the nightmare I experienced when I got the spinal. I went home on Tuesday and the headache was still there. I was miserable. Thankfully Makayla is so far an easy baby and barely ever cries. She made it easy for her momma while I was healing.

She is now 2 weeks old and the love of my life! I never knew how much love you could have for someone until she came into my life. The recovery process from the surgery was not as bad as I expected it to be. The worse part was the headache. There was barely any pain after I left the hospital and I'm doing great now. Thanks for reading my story!

Here are some pics:

DF in his scrubs!

Brand New!

1st Family Photo: (I'm so swollen!)

At home:




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