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Twinkle April 1st, 2013 06:20 PM

Exercise and Weightloss
Do you get to exercise as often as you like? Do you go to the gym? work out with the kids? Are you currently dieting?

I try to get to the gym at least 3 days a week and I run about 3-4 miles each time then do weights. I am trying my hardest to drop about 10lbs, but not having luck!! Those last 10lbs are so hard!!!

4 boys April 2nd, 2013 10:07 AM

Re: Exercise and Weightloss
I hear you, Christine. The last 10 lbs after having Reid stayed around for about 2-3 years before I finally got rid of them, RIGHT before getting pregnant again! :) How's that for irony?

That said, the only thing that worked for me was eating less overall. I made it my 2012 resolution to not snack after supper. That was the only rule I made and I lost 11 lbs before getting pregnant at the end of August.

Between homeschooling, gardening, house cleaning and 4 kids, I just didn't have the time or motivation for any type of exercise aside from what I could work in to my every day life (like swimming in our pool or the occasional walk or just hoeing the garden). And I hated the thought of me "ruining" all the calories I burned by eating too much anyway. So that's why I decided eating less was the way to go for me.

I've tried to keep up my good habits throughout this pregnancy and so far I've gained 21 lbs, much less than my other pregnancies. I'm hoping I can keep it to 30 or less and then once the baby is born, I might only have those last 10 lbs to lose... again!! :D

ethansmom0408 April 3rd, 2013 09:55 PM

I know what you mean. I have 23 pounds left to lose to get back to where I was before getting pregnant with Mason. I'm having a hard time finding time to exercise. When Mason naps, I like to spend time with Ethan. I'm considering getting up early on non school days and exercise while the boys are sleeping. On school days I'm going to take Mason for a walk. I have to get back to where I was.

clouise April 4th, 2013 06:33 AM

Re: Exercise and Weightloss
I have gotten so fat and out of shape this year. Really, I put on like ten pounds this winter, and that is moving in the wrong direction.

My plan in the fall is to join a gym and go on the three mornings a week Katy is in preschool. Carrie will be in kindergarten...crazy!

But yeah...I should probably get to work on something before that. I always start my little exercise plans, but then they fall apart. I feel like time for anything like that falls last in the priorities...after the kids' needs, after my husband's work schedule, and then I am just too tired. I'm looking forward to some gym time. I'd love to join now, but I feel like it would be a waste of money over the summer when I travel. Sooo...September. :)

Twinkle April 5th, 2013 12:22 PM

I have started getting up around 5 and going to the gym before Paul goes to work. I can't work out at home, the kids distract me so much and I don't want to take time away from them. I just feel stuck because I'm going 4-6 days a week and not noticing any changes. So frustrating! The last 10lbs are definitely the hardest!

MommyToCooper April 9th, 2013 08:40 AM

Re: Exercise and Weightloss
Up until we went on vacation last week I was working out 5-6 days per week. Either running or doing weights... trying to get back into it!

I have about 10-15 that I'd like to lose but it's not budging!

SheilaRN April 24th, 2013 02:52 PM

Re: Exercise and Weightloss
I normally run 2-3 days a week and use weights 3 days week.

I'm also pretty fortunate that I have to walk several miles a week for work. That in and of itself helps me maintain my weight and muscle mass.

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