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Cari24 June 10th, 2009 01:06 PM

Ella Joyce, May 4, 2009
Thought I'd finally post this. Sorry so long, I actually cut it down from the length it was when I wrote it for myself. :)

We arrived at the hospital at our scheduled time of 8:00 am and were taken straight to L&D room 13, it was like they were waiting for us..lol. After we waited around for a bit and did paperwork, the nurse got my iv started and went to get the Pitocin. They started the Pitocin around 10:30 at a dose of 3 milliunits and moved it up by 2 every half hour. She also checked me at this point and I was 3cm but my cervix was still quite high. We spent the morning watching tv, playing on the computer, dh napped and snored, I tried to get comfortable on the hard bed and made many trips to the bathroom with my iv pole. I even snuck some cheese crackers at about 11:00. My blood sugar earlier had been 76, and the next time she checked it was 112 – ha!! She seemed surprised that it went up, but she didn’t ask. At one point I got into the rocking chair and found that more comfortable so I was happy there for awhile. The contractions started pretty quickly after they started the Pit, it took a while for them to get into a pattern, but they did settle into a 2-4 minute pattern and were fairly strong but not too painful, so I knew they couldn’t be doing much. I was WAY too comfortable. At about 2:00, the Dr. came in to discuss breaking my water. She asked if I wanted my epidural first. She asked if I went fast after my water broke last time, and I did, and she pointed out that sometimes they break people’s water and they go so fast there is no time for the epi. So I said bring on the epi!!! I was worried that if my cervix hadn’t progressed the epi might slow labor down but the nurse said with the Pitocin and my water broken that wouldn’t happen. So, around 2:30,Dennis, my favorite epidural man (he gave me my last one) came in and got me all fixed up (it HURT having this one put in). Then the Dr. came back (around 3:15) and broke my water, which also hurt! My cervix was still high and she said it was posterior and to the right, and I was 3cm still, 50% effaced. Ugh! So, I was very comfortable with my epi in, and I rested while dh went and ate. The contractions seemed to get into a good strong pattern and then slow down and weaken (on the monitor). I felt great. I could move my legs and had some feeling in them, and sometimes I could feel the tightening of the contractions, but no pain. My mom brought my kids up in the early evening (5-5:30?) and we had a nice visit, they weren’t afraid at all and I was feeling really good. The nurse checked my cervix too at around 5:00 (before the kids came) and I was 3-4. So frustrated!! I could tell it had moved down some, but that was it (she didn’t have to reach as far). She also drained my bladder which I thought might hurt as I could feel her check me, but it did not and I felt better – I’d been able to feel some pressure from my bladder. Shortly after the 7:00 shift change, my new nurse, came in and said the baby was having decelerations with the contractions, which might mean I was progressing. She checked me and I was 4-5 (ugh!) then put me on my side to help the baby’s heart. It didn’t help so she put me on the other side with oxygen and that did help. I was feeling quite hopeless at this point – my failure to make progress along with the decels, was making me afraid I would need a C-section. While the nurse was moving me around and getting oxygen, I was starting to feel some pressure down in my bottom with the contractions, so she checked me again (maybe 10 minutes after the last time, and I was about 6, so I was progressing! She had another nurse come and help her set up the delivery cart. ( I thought they were crazy, I figured it would be hours still, but it turns out they were smart!) After that the nurse left. I’m not sure how long went by, but not long, I started to feel VERY uncomfortable, and I knew what that meant! I also felt sick, so I pushed the call button and asked for a puke pan and for my nurse to check on me. She came pretty fast and between when I called and she came, the pain got BAD. I was on my right side and just didn’t know what to do. She had me get on my back, which made it worse, and checked me and I was 10cm!! Yay! She got me set up and had me push, which HURT. I didn’t want to do it because while it helped to do SOMETHING, it also hurt feeling the baby move down. OUCH! She called the Dr. to warn her and some other nurses came in and were busy setting up. I think we pushed the epidural button, but I could really feel TOO MUCH. I pushed maybe 4 or 5 times and she called the dr down. I’m not sure how long I pushed, but it couldn’t have been long – maybe 15 minutes. I could feel the push where the baby’s head no longer moved back, where it stayed in place and then it really hurt! I kept pushing as hard as I could until the head finally came out. I got the reason for the term “ring of fire” during this process. Once the head was out I felt better but still had to get the shoulders, one more painful, tearing push and I felt her slide all the way out! I opened my eyes and there she was on my chest – an actual baby! I don’t know why but it always surprises me to see an actual baby. The reality of this little person who has been inside you for so long is amazing. She was on my chest for a short time then they took her over to the warmer. I was kind of in shock from all the pain, and so happy to be feeling so much better!! I asked the Dr. if I had a tear and she said she didn’t know (lol) then checked and said there was a “repair”. She numbed me first and I felt that but nothing else. They brought the baby back over eventually and got me all set up on an ice pack and I felt GREAT. dh went down to the café and got me the best turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich I’ve ever tasted, along with chips and a Diet Coke. They bathed the baby, I ate, she was crying A LOT throughout the whole time, and sucking her fists, so I tried to nurse her – she latched on a bit but didn’t do much. I have no idea why this birth was so painful. I kept asking the nurses why I could move my legs and why I could feel it when they checked me (and it was somewhat painful). They said all epis are different, it depends exactly where the catheter goes, etc. Apparently I had feeling inside or something because I felt way more with this birth than the other 2!! Ouch!!

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