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May 6th, 2010, 04:34 PM
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Which time?

WIth Patrick (c-section for breech) I wish I had been more adamant when I told them I thought he was breech. What did I know? I was a 22 year old first time mom.

With Michael. I wish I had prepared better. I wish I had taken a NCB class, or even read about it. I got to the hospital at 6 cm when they admitted me. They had sent me home to walk because I was only 2, I went from 2-6 in 40 minutes and got the epidural as soon as I got there. It then took 10 hours to get complete. I couldn't push well, he was malpositioned (probably because of the AROM). It ended with a forceps delivery and vaginal reconstruction. Had I known more I think I would have had him within a few hours of getting admitted.

No real regrets with Caroleigh. Labor was about 4 hours. I delivered her naturally about an hour after arriving in the hospital.

My biggest regrets are with Evie. I transferred to a different doc because I thought he would be better, but he wasn't. I regret going into the hospital to get checked. I wasn't in labor yet. I was dilated, but not enough. I was there forever and then agreed to let him rupture my membranes at 11 am (stupid) my labor stopped. He was just a bad choice of doctors, pushing the epidural, wanting me to schedule a repeat c-section because she was a 'big baby' (she was 8 lb 4 oz at birth, my first VBAC was 9 lb 14- so she wasn't too big for me). I mostly hate that he checked my scar after she was born. That is an unsafe practice and he didn't ask me if he could. I just wish I had NEVER chosen him as my provider, it was a huge mistake!

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