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May 6th, 2010, 10:58 PM
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No I do not think you are overreacting. Not at all.

My MIL jumps in when someone asks a question about my kids or even just says stuff when not even asked. I usually answer the person anyway b/c I'm the one they asked. It ticks me off to no end. B/c she doesn't even see the kids that much to be able to even answer any questions about the kids. She is usually just making stuff up. Seriously. We were in the car one time and a bus pulled up next to us. So I point out the bus to my son. For whatever reason, MIL decides to jump in and say to him, yes, you've never been on a bus or a train. Say what?!?!? I had to politely inform MIL that DS had been on a train before. She responds that oh, she didn't know. Then stop making stuff up!

First off, how is your relationship with your MIL? Are you able to talk to her? Can you tell her you do not want MIL to be called Maw Maw? That you want her to be called Grandma or whatever other name you had in mind?

My MIL tried stepping in when my oldest said mama, so I would pretend she wasn't even there. I would close in the space bwtn my son and me, pick him up, just talk directly to him and say "Yes, sweetie, mama is right here, what do you want?" If she thinks you're rude for doing that, well she's rude for stepping in when your daughter is talking to you!

Secondly, I agree, you need to get DH to back you up. He cannot simply say that's how she is. He needs to tell MIL to back off when you're around. You're the mama! This is not to say no grandma while you're around, but if someone is talking to you or your daughter wants you, then MIL needs to butt out.

I think your MIL is overstepping boundaries because she thinks she is the primary caretaker of your daughter. If it is causing you that much stress and cannot be resolved, then you may want to reconsider your daycare situation and perhaps pay someone else.

But I would try the talking first, if not from you then from DH. If you trust her enough to take care of your daughter, then hopefully trust her enough to be able to talk out your feelings. She might not realize what she is doing or realize that she is upsetting you.

Good luck!

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