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May 7th, 2010, 06:15 AM
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Sometimes, I just really like being alone. I love shopping alone. I hate shopping with other people. Really, really hate it. I want to to go to the stores I like, and take my time, and not have someone follow me around. And I love to go to movies alone. I pick where I want to sit, what I want to see, ect, ect. Museums are another fun solo because I spend as much time staring at art as I want (or move pass pices I don't like). I'm cool in most resturants alone, though usually I opt to sit at the bar. Then I can chat with the bartender or whomever sits beside me.

I love my DBF, I love my frineds and family, but frankly, I need some space somtimes! I like watching people too, and just thinking about random things. I just like alone time.
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