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Momeejenjen January 27th, 2010 11:18 AM

LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Name: Christen
User Name: LJD3Tdance
Due Date: June 16
Boy/Girl/Unknown: Will find out on the 26th
Marital Status: Married
What # Pregnancy is this for you? 4
How many children do you have? 3

Name: (First name): Anna
User Name: Anna Vella
Due Date: 17th June 2010
Boy/Girl/Unknown: Unknown until 28th Jan (2 more weeks)
Marital Status: Married
What # Pregnancy is this for you? #2
How many children do you have? 1 son & he's just over 2 years old

LJD3Tdance January 28th, 2010 07:17 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Hi Anna, Idk if you missed this like I did, so I'll PM and check!

My Babies January 30th, 2010 07:13 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance January 30th, 2010 11:04 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Are you a SAHM or working mom?

Luckily in my case dh does that dinner preperation you mentioned. lol

So I see you also found out the gender this week, are you having a boy or girl?

My Babies January 31st, 2010 03:05 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance January 31st, 2010 02:24 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Sadly I'm a working mom, but in good news dh is a SAHD.

And yeah, my siggy is updated now, I'm having a girl, her name is Amber Hale. Do you have a name?

Yeah, my kiddos are Courtney (2004 Playroom), Rock (June 2007 PR, so I've done this June thing before) and then LJ (he's in the April 09 PR, but LJ was actually born in March, he'll be 1 in under 2 months now!).

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I moved here in October, from Idaho, I miss home, but it was a choice we had to make.

My hubby and I met in 1999, next month it'll be 11 years from when we met. We started dating a year later, and we've been married since December 2002, we were 18 then.

That's a fun conception story, My 2nd child was concieved on a 2 week r&r from a military deployment, I hadn't seen dh in 7 months, we had two weeks together, and 9 months later I got my first Junebug, lol. He like my first child, my daughter, was born on his due date.

So how about Joshua's birth story? Do you have a link to it anywhere? I'd love to read it, I'm a birth story junkie.

What kind of birth are you hoping to have with this little girl?

My Babies February 1st, 2010 12:55 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 1st, 2010 07:08 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
DH picked Amber Hale, well Amber, I suggested the Hale part, it is my mother's middle name, and my grandfather's, it was like his mother's last name.

You mean June 17th and not September right? I'm due the day before you on the 16th. I really hope that means I go on or before the 16th, I don't do pregnancy gracefully, I've never been overdue, and would rather not be, lol.

That's great you were able to enjoy your c-section. I know in unplanned ones that isn't always the case.

I've breastfed all 3 of mine, and I just changed my siggy around so you can't see it at the moment, but I do actually have a "pregnant and breastfeeding" blinkie in there when I put it back, because I am still breastfeeding number 3.

GL on your vbac. I hope you get to attempt it at least, that'll be exciting.

LJ's birth:
Rock's birth:
And Courtney's is off JM, but I have it:
Birth Stories

What time is it right now for you? I figured if you posted that I could look at the time stamp and see what the time difference for the two of us was.

And I'm glad you get to see your dad, that is always great! Do you have siblings?

My Babies February 2nd, 2010 04:52 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 4th, 2010 11:48 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. I had to work extra this week *boo*.

Anyway, well, wow pointers on natural birth, lol. For me I took a birthing class...twice, both 1st and 2nd pregnancy, the 2nd was just a refresher. The class taught me a lot of things I knew I wouldn't really feel comfortable using as pain management, but it also taught me things I was able to use. For me what worked was I had people rubbing my legs during bad contractions, and the rubbing was very fast, it was a slight distraction from the pain. And I have some breathing techniques, but not like what you see in the movies, I want to handle my pain more internally, I'm not the yeller or anything like that, but some women are, so it is about doing what is best for how you cope with pain.

And yep, it looks like you got the timezone difference perfectly. While my husband was in Afghanistan it wasn't too far off from the timezone your in.

As an only child I totally understand the excitement over the sister that you never had idea. Courtney so wanted this baby to be a girl too, she was excited to find out it was Amber.

Did all go well with the car? Is your dad there now?

Does Joshua talk about the baby at all?

My Babies February 10th, 2010 09:15 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 12th, 2010 07:31 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
I haven't taken a single belly pic this pregnancy, is that sad? I'll have to check out yours!

Busy busy your dh is. Glad your dad is feeling better though. I hope the visit goes really well :)

Well Courtney (she's 5 and a half) for sure knows what's going on as this is her third sibling. She's excited it is a girl and had helped with the names on the boy side.

Rock, doesn't fully get it I don't think, but he does understand more than last time I think.

LJ of course has no idea as he isn't even one, lol.

My Babies February 17th, 2010 11:27 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 18th, 2010 12:26 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Awww I'm sorry all have/are sick. That's a bummer.

I've been so crazy busy, you don't need to feel bad about not being on. I'm excited when I come in here and see you've replied, but I haven't been on JM near enough for my liking the past few days, weekends though, I'm normally on quite a bit.

My Babies February 24th, 2010 11:37 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 27th, 2010 12:42 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Well I'm excited to get to talk to you more now, and to think we are so close to that final trimester now too!

Jordan and Joshua are nice names together, hehe :)

I have talked to several women who seem to think most of the pregnancy ailments seem to get worse each pregnancy!

I can't say it is going too quickly for me. I'm always excited to get to the end. I know I have a huge hurdle to try to clear at my next appointment, not looking forward to it.

It is so hard to catch up in here if you miss any time, we have such a busy DDC that a whole new page of threads comes up every day, and it is just impossible to keep up with! I have to work tomorrow (*boo for working on Saturday*) so I still won't get anywhere near enough time in here, but I need to get to bed soon tonight!

My Babies February 28th, 2010 03:04 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance February 28th, 2010 11:42 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
What is Skype? I'm excited, we'll be seeing my dad in a month as well. We'll also be seeing my FIL, MIL, BIL and various other people as we're going home for several days! Yay!

How long will your mom be there before the due date? I'm trying to decide what I do. Do I ask my dad to come down at the beginning of June? I mean I might go overdue for all I know, so having him down that long seems stupid, but I can't exactly not have him here if I go early. That is the roughest part about not knowing when, etc...

And as for your in-law problems, I can actually link you to the JM posts about mine, except most of them are in locked subforums so you wouldn't be able to read most of them, but some of them...I totally understand, I want less and less to do with my MIL. Though part of that is because of her lack of interest in us. If she suddenly wanted to come down and meet her new granddaughter in June I'd probably go crazy, but I'd love it at the same time because I want people to love Amber. You can't have too much love.

I'm not expecting a cervical check for a while. I was like 37 weeks when I had my first one last year, which is kinda getting me moody and thinking about my little boy. I was almost 37 weeks right now last year, so I keep thinking about his birthday coming up and all that. Anyway, I always have a lot of discharge in pregnancy, so that wouldn't be surprising to me at well.

Sounds like you have a lot of appointments coming up. I just have the one. March 16th.

As for those cramps, you might also want to check out if you are getting enough, calcium, sodium and potassium, cuz those are big causes of those things.

In my first pregnancy I had braxton hicks. But in the next 2 I had them out the wazoo. It got so bad at 37 weeks til delivery I had them off and on very regularly, and they'd get painful, I'd start to wonder if it was really labor, it actually makes the pregnancy awful at the end for me. I hope yours get better, because I know they can be so annoying.

Catching up on JM isn't too hard, but catching up in this DDC is near impossible, it is just too active.

I get on pretty much daily on JM since I host two boards, but I don't always make it to the DDC, since I don't host it. I try to remember to come to this subforum first though so I can reply to this thread if you have :lol:

My Babies March 1st, 2010 07:44 AM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella

LJD3Tdance March 1st, 2010 08:00 PM

Re: LJD3Tdance & Anna Vella
Ah OK, I don't use any of the messengers this day, but I think myspace may use a skype thing actually.

All that moving around has to be a little hard though. Will you two always move around like that, or is it just for the time being?

Yeah, I know I need to get my dad here early probably, but I sort of hate the idea. I actually don't mind at all staying with him, but him staying with us, our house isn't as big as his, etc.

My kiddos don't have any REAL cousins yet. I have no siblings, and dh's 3 siblings are all younger than him, and not married. The kids consider my cousin's kids their cousins, but by the time Courtney actually has cousins I think she'll be a teenager.

I haven't seen My Big Fat Greek wedding, but my mom loves that movie. I'm big on big families, and extended families. DH swears up and down we're done after this baby. But the further I get away from the first trimester the more determined I become to someday make it 5 kids...most people think I'm crazy, I think they are.

Yeah, my host tags are missing from my siggy right now because they kept causing some sort of error, so when I switch siggies again it'll show the host tags again. I host the Jan-Dec 2004 Playroom (the oldest PR on JM, so its membership is low.) And Western Mommies (the western U.S. states).

I never ever cook since I'm the worker bee and dh is the SAHD. He's our cook. He's making dinner behind me right now, and it smells soooooo good!!!

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