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Mama Chemist 73 June 9th, 2010 01:46 PM

Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
I woke up at 8am on Saturday with a few light contractions. At 8:15 I decided to roll out of bed and go to the bathroom. DH and my other two kids were already downstairs having breakfast. I sat down to urinate and I felt a gush. I first thought....oh I really had to go, but then realized that I wasn't urinating. I wiped and there was lots of watery blood. My first thought was that this was probably the beginning of labor. I got up and looked in the toilet and the water was blood colored....not good. I hadn't had any prior spotting or cramping. I got in the shower to clean up and there was no more gushing or blood. I only was having a few mild contractions. I took a step to get out of the shower and another gush. I then knew I had to get to the hospital. I dressed, told DH I was going to L&D triage and that this was probably IT. I kisses the kids goodbye and told them I'd see them soon. DH said he'd get the kids together and take them to the neighbors and meet up with me there.

My luck I hit every light on the way to the hospital. We are only 15 minutes away, but it was the longest 15 minutes ever. I was having mild contractions about every 5 minutes. I got to the hospital parked, and then got out. Another gush. Luckily, I didn't get my new car dirty ;). I touched my pants and it was again bloody water. I walked in, told the triage nurses what was going on and they calmly told me that it was probably my water that had broken. I hadn't had my water break with any of my other kiddos so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I KNEW that that much blood wasn't right.

They had me change into the gown, pee in the cup and then checked me. It was then they noticed exactly how much blood was coming out. I was only 2cm dilated and still fairly high since it seemed the nurse was going to push clear up to my belly button to reach my cervix. I didn't know at the time, but the contrax tracing showed my contrax right on top of each other. I didn't even feel them. At this point I was nervous for my baby, but not hysterical. DH still was not there. They said they were bringing me to L&D and they would have a bed for me since we would be having the baby.

The dr on call, my OB's replacement, came in fairly quick, had a look and said.....we're doing a c-section now. There is too much blood. At this point, it seemed surreal to me, but I was eerily calm. There were 4 nurses working on me at once...one shaving me, one putting in IV lines, one asking questions and putting on bracelets and another coordinating and getting the anestisologist in. Just as the anestisologist gets in, DH arrives. The anestisologist decides that it's ok for me to get the spinal block eventhough I've been on lovenox. The window to get the spinal after lovenox is 12-24hrs post last dose. It had been 13.5hrs so we decided to risk it instead of the general anestesia which would also affect Sarah.

They wheeled me into the operating room....it was so cold in there. I was put on the table, we did the spinal and I was laid down and the sheets raised. The anestisologist was doing stick tests and I was fairly numb, but when the Dr. went to make the incision, I said OOOOOWWWWWWW! I could feel it. I saw the anestisologist face and it said "this isn't right". He tried sloping the table in hopes the meds would get to the right spot, but I felt the second slice and again said OOOOOOWWWWW! He then said he was going to give me something and that is the last I remember until I "woke" in my L&D room.

Turns out they gave me ketamine which is a relative of PCP and can make you have funny dreams. I had one where I thought I was part of a computer game and DH's glasses were talking to me. I could vaguely hear voices and sounds. DH tells me I was responding, I kissed my DD after she was born, and was making funny mouth movements. If only I had a video of this!

Sarah was perfect. She was born at 37w 4d on June 5 at 9:41am weighing in at 7lb 3oz and 19 3/4 inches long. She had swallowed some blood and so had a few bloody stools early on and a bit of upset tummy, but that's all resolved itself. She is a trooper. She didn't need any O2 and has fed well from the start.

Her mommy has had some issues though. I lost so much blood with the placental abruption that I had to have 2 units on Sunday and I definitely hadn't counted on a c-sect. This was my first. I have the staples in and the incision is tender but looks fine so far. This has thrown me for an emotional loop, but looking at my princess seems to help.

Well, that's our story and I'm sure I left some things out. If you have made it this far, thank you.

kimmiejo June 9th, 2010 02:13 PM

Re: Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
how scary! so glad you decided to go right to the hospital!! and so happy you and Sarah are ok!! I hope you heal quickly and start feeling better soon!

tasheroo June 9th, 2010 04:10 PM

Re: Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
I can't believe you drove yourself! Congrats on the arrival of Sarah!

Boble June 9th, 2010 11:58 PM

Re: Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
congrats on your little ones arrival! what a scary experience! Im glad she got here safely!

Morgan2006 June 10th, 2010 05:33 PM

Re: Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
Scary!!! But im glad everything turned out a-ok!

josie_24 June 10th, 2010 08:29 PM

Re: Sarah's birth story (long and detailed)
WOW frightening!!! Glad everyone's ok now and congrats!!!

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