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(Mayhem) January 12th, 2011 10:49 PM

redbirds - Misscallie
Here is your thread! Use it to help you make your goals happen! Talk here with your buddy, track your progress, admit weaknesses, celebrate successes and make this happen!! You can do this! You will!

For your first post tell your buddy what you want to accomplish. Let's go!

redbirds January 13th, 2011 01:17 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
THis is awesome, thanks, Theresa!!

Melanie! I'm so excited to have you as a buddy. We can do this together :D

Here are my goals: To lose 52 pounds (more). I joined a gym now that DD is in preschool. I swore I wouldn't because we live so far out, but now that we have to go into town 3-4x/week, it's so worth it. I LOVE it!

My reason for wanting the weight loss is TTC (among others). I swear my problem conceiving Kellen (took 18 months and major prayers and some medical intervention) was because my estrodial levels were high, and that is often due to excessive fat cells (they release the estrodial hormone and too much = infertility). SOOOO.... I'm praying to get pregnant again this year, and weight loss will help tremendously (plus, DH will actually WANT to get things rolling, if you know what I mean :lol: )

So, the goal for now is: 8# loss in each: Jan, Feb, Mar and 6# loss in Apr, May, June... that's 42#. Then, hopefully the other 8# will be off by end of September. If it comes off faster, great! If I have a plateau, then it may adjust the timeline, but I'm committed to be smaller and healthier!

I just joined Lose It, and I like it so far. It helps keep track of calories (I'm prone to do well with a log of sorts) and exercise, but not water (yet). I have to drink 72 oz + each day, and I've SLACKED since having Kellen.

Those are my goals!

Do you want to log in here daily and do a daily log/to-do list? Even if it's not always weight/health related (like work, clean, etc...) it can be helpful having an accountability partner :)

Today: I worked out at the gym for about an hour. I did the rower for 30 minutes and weights for 30 minutes. :cheer: Now, have to pay attention to my foods!!!

emmiejack0810 January 13th, 2011 09:20 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Gwynne --- Hey BUDDY!!!!

I am so excited for this... My goals --- to lose up to 80lbs but will be good with 50... My current weight is 223 and I would like to get down to 160... I am losing weight for total self conscious reasons... I have always and I means always had to fight with my weight and it is truly just depressing to look in the mirror now... UGH...

I joined Lose It tonight so I haven't had a chance to navigate but I am [email protected] and you can e-mail me there or [email protected] (work that I check way more often)...

Tonight I walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes and walked 1.5 miles... I have decided that I love Nicholas Sparks books and I am just starting to read Safe Haven and if I want to read it I have to be walking at the same time -- so the book stays with the treadmill... I want to join a gym that also offers Zumba - love it...

Can't wait to start this treck with you girlie...

redbirds January 13th, 2011 10:35 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Great job on the treadmill, Melanie! :high5: That's awesome! I love reading, but I get seasick so easily that I can't read and move at all :lol: so no reading for me while working out! I do have my iPod and my pump-up music that I love, and that helps pass time.

I do understand what you mean by doing this for YOU. I look in the mirror, too, and just about want to vomit. Blech. Where did this body come from? I used to be a VERY fit size 6 (which is pretty freaking small for a tall chick), and I had to work my BUTT off for that (my family is NOT a svelte, naturally thin family). I am not even going to wish to get back there (yeah, not happening), but I'll be happy in a 14, and then maybe, just maybe, back to a 12 after baby #3 comes. I'm an 18/20 now :jawdrop: Ug.

Today, I discovered, through the wonderful LoseIt program, I am a HORRIBLE snacker. I had nearly 700 calories on freaking snacks! Holy heck. That's got to stop! :D I only went over by 120 calories, but still, that means slow progress.

I did 30 min on the rower and 30 min on weights today, and that makes me feel good (I think I mentioned that already. I'm pretty proud).

Hang in there, hunnie. We'll take this one day, sometimes one hour or one minute, at a time and we'll get there. :hug:

RunningWithBoys January 14th, 2011 06:17 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
You girl are awesome for doing this! Keep it up!
With so many of us using Lose It, I think I am going to start a thread where we can all be friends and keep track that way too!
You guys inspire ME!

redbirds January 14th, 2011 10:34 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Amanda, that would be GREAT! What's your email address? I'll add it to my friends' list, or you can add me: [email protected]

I really like that site ;)

Hey, gals...

I got on the scale today (haven't weighed in FOREVER) and I lost 4 # of holiday stuff! So, 48# more to go to get to the goal weight of 80# lost from my peak weight of pregnancy, which would also be 42# lower than pre-pregnancy weight, and then hopefully, we'll be pregnant! If not, I'll work to lose maybe another 15-20# and call it good!

redbirds January 14th, 2011 10:55 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Melanie, I know you are struggling today with the loss of your friend. ((HUGS)). I know you may not be up for it, but exercise secretes dopamine and seratonin (sp) levels that are natural anti-depressents. I want to be your cheerleader today and encourage you to maybe get on the treadmill for a bit sometime... If you are simply completely and emotionally zapped, I totally understand! We'll work through this together :hug:

My goal today: not so much snacking! Holy heck. and do the 30 day shred. And drink more water. My daughter is sick, so I'm working around all this...

emmiejack0810 January 14th, 2011 06:10 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Hi Gwynne --- Yes today is a very sad day for me... It is kind of two fold - so sad to have my friend gone but know for certain that she is in a much better place...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! on the weight loss and working out --- You Totally Rock...

I am going to be navigating some Lose It tonight so I can figure it out...

My plan is to still get on the treadmill - I just finished dinner so I am going to chill for a little so I don't get a tummy ache... So I plan at least a 10 to 20 minute walk...

Thanks for the encouragement...

What is the 30 day shred program?

redbirds January 14th, 2011 06:49 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
the 30 day shred is a DVD by Jillian MIchaels from the Biggest Loser. It's a 20 minute workout, 3 min. weights, 2 min. cardio, 1 min. abs (all x3) and it ROCKS and is hard but man, you feel good when done. There are 3 levels, and I'm probably forever always going to be on level 1 :lol: I had to take a couple breaks (she says not to, but I simply could NOT lift another weight!), and they were only 5 sec or so, which she says if you absolutely HAVE to, take a 5 sec max one.

Anyway, I did it! :phew: and tomorrow, I'm going to an orientation on the gym so I know the weight systems better. I may workout then, too, depending on how well DD is feeling and what DH chooses to do...

Good for you, today! It's a tough day and you are managing it :hug:

emmiejack0810 January 15th, 2011 02:37 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Hi Gwynne... Well needless to say that after about 5 minutes in the chair I zonked out... BAD ME!!!! I was just so tired... Will walk double tomorrow...

I am thinking about joining a gym but really need to figure out if I have time...

redbirds January 15th, 2011 01:26 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
hi, Melanie! I totally sympathize with being so exhausted that things just don't happen. Believe me, I've had MANY of those days (and I'm sure I'll have MANY more). Sometimes, it bites me in the butt because a lot of what I don't do is Me-stuff and work! Ug. Then, I have to work double hard the next day to meet deadlines... but sometimes a break is just what the dr. ordered!

Whatever we do, we have to remember that this is baby steps. We don't beat ourselves up. We just review the day, and see what we've done better than yesterday, and what we can do better tomorrow :D That's what works for me. I take that personal time in the bath for those reflections. It helps keep me focused.

Yesterday was a good day, I ate about right, drank my water :cheer: and did the shred. Today, I've been good too! I had the gym orientation, rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes, and scarfed down a decent lunch. I've been good on water so far, too.

I really like the LoseIt site (still figuring it all out) because I find logging in foods REALLY helps (it's one of the biggest keys to weight loss, as I've experienced when working at Jenny Craig and Metabolic Research Center). I also love the friends piece cuz we can root each other on there, too!

As for the gym... I swore I'd never join because we live 20 minutes out of town, and what's the point of driving in (wasting) 40 min. to work out for 30min to an hour? But then, I decided to join anyway because DD is now in pre-school and I have to go to town 3x/week anyway. I LOVE IT!!! It is so motivating, and I find the time because I've juggled things and know I can fit it in (not easy, really, I stay up a tiny bit later, but I feel FANTASTIC! Plus, what makes it easy, is the gym has day care for $1/hour/kid (2 hour max, but I'm never there more than 1.5 hours). Without the daycare, I don't think I could do it, honestly. AND, the gym is not a meat-market full of models and beefy guys. It's a quiet, wonderfully new building, with seniors and moms and normal people. They are all very nice, it's never overcrowded so you can't get on a machine you want, but it's a bit busy. I think that makes a difference too. If it were too busy, or a meat market, or too loud, I'd not like it so much.

Does a gym near you have daycare? That would make it so much easier and the kiddos could play, too. I REALLY love that, and like I said, without it, it would be impossible to go.

As long as you keep reviewing your day and focus on the things you did well (even if it is sleeping longer, or telling your kids you love them, or whatever!), you can get up the next day with a smile and know that day will be even better. You can do it! :cheer:

emmiejack0810 January 15th, 2011 07:06 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Hi there... Well although it wasn't warp speed or anything I did walk today - went shopping with my mom and so we walked around for about an hour...

Then walked again around the store with Emmie...

I so cannot wait for warmer weather when I can get out and take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood.

I was proud of myself today because I was at the store and actually had a cake in my hand and put it back... Yay me... I so have got to get off the sweet tooth wagon...

redbirds January 16th, 2011 09:03 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Melanie, this is awesome!!! One step at a time, and you had several good things going for you today :party: It is SOOO hard for me to put sweets down, willpower can be our greatest ally or worst enemy :) You did good, girl!

Today, I ate fairly well (doing LoseIt, I was 17 calories under my daily recommendation :giggle: ) and I did not exercise because I'm sore and have a big exercise day planned tomorrow (starting a weight program with my cardio stuff). I feel so much more invigorated now than I did when trying to do this by myself or at home with kids screaming at me. I could kick myself for not doing this earlier!

I've also got my water in, and I think this helps curb the endless snacking I tended to do.

Good day!!!

VeronicaBride January 17th, 2011 08:18 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
You guys are going great! Keep it up!

redbirds January 17th, 2011 04:00 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Thanks, Jen! ((HUGS))

Melanie, how are you doing today? I am thinking you may have your friend's services coming up, and that has to be tough :hug:

I did great today. I started my own weight program. Wow. What a wimp I am! I swore I used to be able to lift a TON of weight, not any more! I assume I will be very, very sore tomorrow :D I did shoulders, back and triceps. I also did 42 min. on the stationary bike and worked my abs. When I looked in the mirror during weights I couldn't believe how huge I was. UG. I have got to get this weight off. I don't want Kensley or Kellen to remember me as the fat mom who couldn't keep up. Ya know, deep down :shhh: I'd love to overhear ONCE from Kellen's friends that "dude, your mom is hot" :lol: and then, of course, Kellen's reply, "dude, shut up."

tomorrow, I may put the exercise aside (depending on how much food I want to eat :lol: )

I'm focusing on water, too.

emmiejack0810 January 17th, 2011 07:20 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Hi Gwynne... Well I can honestly say that today was a terrible day for exercise and food... Ate crappy and didn't exercise - I think the emotional status just took over and then it began raining this afternoon which made it worse...

UGH ---

So tomorrow is a brand new day and I am so ready to get this party started with a new healthy lifestyle... Exercise is my priority!!! I have got to find time for me to do this before I fall asleep at 8:30 at night...

Thanks for all the pushing it is definitely what I need...

First thing in the morning - weight in.. UGH - so not looking forward to that.

Let's do it!!!!

redbirds January 18th, 2011 07:52 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
OH, Melanie! Those days are so tough, and that's when it's important to just take care of YOU, mentally, emotionally... I hope you can get some much needed REST! If I'm dragging, there's no way in H*LL I can take care of myself or stop eating!

I've found I have to work out in the morning sometime, or, well, 80% of the time, it doesn't happen.

Do you have a gym or a mommy's boot camp or anything like that you can join, so you can work out either with the kids, or put the kids in a little "daycare" room so you can have some alone time while exercising? It was the solution I needed, but those set ups aren't for everyone, either. I love it not only because I get to work out and shower in peace, but because I also have some simple time to myself without whining, asking for things, cleaning, etc.

It's really hard with 2 kids the ages of our kiddos. Hang in there! You'll find something that works great for you :D

emmiejack0810 January 18th, 2011 08:32 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
Thanks Gwynne...

There is a gym right next to my house that does have the daycare atmosphere that I am looking for but I need to check into how much it costs... Money is always a factor for me... Boy do I wish it grew on trees...

I am up at 5am to get ready for work because I have to be out of the house by 5:45 to get Jackson to my mom's and then to work by 7am (which I am always late)... so unless I work out when he wakes up for his 3:30 or so (2am this morning) feeding then it has be at night after kiddies are in bed (8pmish)... I just really need to push myself to do this instead of sit down on the couch...

My goal today: Once Emmie is in bed and Jackson is either in his crib or swing - then I am NOT to sid down on the couch - I am to go straight to the treadmill...

What is one goal for you today?

redbirds January 18th, 2011 09:54 AM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
OMG, Melanie! No wonder you are wiped! I am NOT a morning person, but cripes, you couldn't get me near workout equipment before 8:00 am (and that would really push it). I usually go around 8:30/9 when I have to drop DD off at preschool. It really helps working from home.

I hear you about $. I told a friend I was joining this gym, and she gave me her free month with $10 of daycare included! What a great incentive! She won it at a drawing :cheer:

Our gym is about $40/month, so when I do have to pay, it's not bad. I just budget it out of other things and tightened up a bit to pay for it, but fortunately, we could do that.

But... if I was restricted to nights, like you are, I may not go to the gym :blush: I'd be too tired to drive back into town!

You know one thing that has helped me on the machines is music. At home, I watched TV, but it didn't make time move as fast as my music does. Maybe make yourself a good mix of workout music? It might be fun and uplifting, too. If you have shows you want to watch, you could watch them and then listen to music during commercials, even, or if you have TIVO or DVR, just skip through commercials, that may make it even better ;)

Is your DH home at nights? Maybe you could sweetly beg that he give you 30 min (or an hour, if you also want a relaxing shower/bath or want to work out just a little longer, too) of you time after you put Emmie down, and you can use that time to workout, shower, mull over your goals for tomorrow, cheer yourself on the things you did that day and so forth. My DH was doing that when I was working out at home, but I could hear the kids crying or whining or whatever, so it was no fun. However, if I had my iPod going on instead of the TV (or had earphones connected to the tv), I wouldn't have heard them, and it may have been very effective.

What I've had to do is schedule my 'me" time... just like I have to schedule work or pre school... So, sit with your DH and schedule the few days you will have "you" time, and then schedule when he will have "he" time. For instance, I will also go to the gym on Saturdays for a class, and DH will stay home with the kiddos. To balance it, on Sundays, he gets time to hike or whatever he wants, just for him. I clean while he's out. He tries to clean when I'm out (that's hard to do!)... It works out for us both, but we have to stick with it, just like it's a work schedule or something.

Today, I'm feeling quite lazy. It's my off day from workouts, but at the same time, I feel quite snacky! Already! :( I'll just have to really work. I have a TON of things due, so I *should* get a lot done, but honestly, I feel it's going to be a challenge today. I'm exhausted (crappy sleep with Kellen and then Kensley woke up, too... ug). But, I have to get this stuff done! :cheer:

So, goal: stay at/below my caloric amount through LoseIt, drink at least 80 oz water, take a NAP :) and get some work done (grades, emails for my workshops, website registration update...) and get some housework done, too. Ug. I'm glad you'll keep me accountable. I'll update on the progress later. It may be late, but I want all this done!

redbirds January 18th, 2011 10:53 PM

Re: redbirds - Misscallie
After all that ^^ I've had a kind of blah day...

Kellen's been sick. I knew I wouldn't work out today (was an off day anyway), but I didn't get in all my water and I ate more than "quota". I hope he feels better tomorrow, because I want to go to the gym. If he's not perfectly healthy, I won't go because I don't want any other kiddos getting sick. I really love going to the gym. It's my me-time!

So, for many, many reasons, I hope he sleeps well and wakes up happy and healthy!

I'm tired... but the day was OK. It could have been much, much worse. I have to remember that I've made good decisions and I'm slowly changing my ways without restricting myself. Not easy.

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