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May 7th, 2010, 08:56 PM
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I've read both 36w and 38w. Israel was born at 35w6d. He breathed perfectly, but he did have troubles maintaining his temp (thank goodness he wasn't a hospital birth or I'm sure they would have taken him to the incubator). He couldn't stay warm in clothes and a blanket the first few days, so I wore him in my shirt. He ate fine too. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable birthing all my babies that early, but I felt extreme peace about it and prayed a yeah. Both my boys were born early, ds1 was 37w6d, but dd was I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel having a girl that early. My little brother on the other hand was born around the same time and had preemie eating issues, reflux, and who knows...probably breathing issues too, my parents smoked IN THE HOUSE...and they still let her take him home that day. For shame. It was 1984 though...I doubt they'd do that now.
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